5 Questions to Ask Before Accepting Allowance

By Ashleigh

Dec 23, 2015

While we all have our own motivation for getting into the Sugar Bowl, more often than not you are hoping for the security of a monthly allowance. But before you jump at the idea of some steady Sugar, here are 5 questions you should ask before accepting an allowance from that POT Sugar Daddy!

  1. What are your expectations in this arrangement?
    Transparency is one of the many perks of Sugar Dating. Striving to get everything out in the beginning saves both of you time and disappoint down the road.
  2. Is this an exclusive or NSA arrangement?
    Is your Sugar Daddy okay with you having a honey on the side? Does he have a Mrs. at home? Knowing where you stand in an arrangement is crucial before agreeing to anything further.
  3. How frequently do you expect to meet?
    How often you two are meeting can make the difference between a fair allowance and downgrading it to a splenda offer. If you feel he’s low balling you but expecting a lot, speak up!
  4. What were your previous arrangements like?
    Knowing the gist of his previous arrangements can give you a peek of what to expect or know what he is trying to stay clear from, assuming it went more sour than sweet. So pay attention when he’s filling you in, and be sure to look for red flags.
  5. How will I be receiving this allowance?
    You don’t want to agree on a number and assume that you’ll work out how you will be receiving your allowance. Getting everything ironed out in the beginning can save you an awkward song and dance from your Sugar Daddy down later when it’s time to collect.

What is something you need to know before agreeing on an allowance?