Adjusting Expectations to Find the Right Sugar Daddy

By Malia

Mar 27, 2017

I’ve had Sugar boyfriends, long term casual arrangements, but things never felt as transactional as the sense of receiving an allowance per date. I decided to review some of my New Year’s resolutions: Stretching my comfort zone and adjusting expectations to find the right Sugar Daddy. Why would I do that?

As new Sugar Babies flock to the Sugar lifestyle, some accept allowance per date (pay-per-meet). The traditional monthly allowance arrangements are becoming out of norm with Sugar Daddies. In addition, there are higher numbers of newer SDs that do not have as deep pockets as the traditional SD. I had to get over my hang up of adjusting my expectations to find the right sugar daddy and decide to give it a try. Now, let me tell you about with whom I flexed my allowance standards.

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Months ago while on there was a knockout Sugar Daddy profile on SA. I had exchanged messages but did not agree on a meet & greet with him. While I do not discuss allowance before meeting in person, this POT had thrown a number unsolicited. I knew the lifestyle support was too far off to negotiate a comfortable medium point for both of us. Also, I highly doubted he would look nearly as good as in his profile pictures, so I passed.

Fast forward a few months, his pictures kept teasing my eyes and curiosity got the best of me. I messaged him, and he replied immediately to set up a meet & greet before I could say no again. So there I was. I had stepped out of my comfort zone and agreed to invest a few minutes for coffee and a chance to see where this could lead.

Our Meet & Greet

Sitting in a cafe, I noticed women lifting their eyes from a laptop, others chatting and turning their heads to something outside, so I followed to see what was going on. Surprise! They were checking out my POT crossing the street towards the cafe. He is way hotter than the pictures he posted and the crowd agreed. He greeted with a big smile, a friendly hug and conversation flew easily.

We were supposed to meet for 15-30 minutes at most. Things were going well and my POT picked up his phone and instructed his assistant to push back on his appointments. After a bit more talk he gave me a pay per meeting allowance pep talk. I talked about my boundaries, time, limitations and he agreed to everything I asked, and I agreed to the amount he had proposed, on a per meet basis in the same way, no negotiation.

A Quick Start

Two days later, we jumped into an intimate arrangement. He is single and an open book, talking about his work, his family and so on. I visit him at his house. As I walked into his house, my favorite candles were lit and he offered me a neck and back massage to relax. We chatted, we played, we had fun. Probably it is not something that is going to last as a long term arrangement. Let’s face it, the man is a whore! No one becomes so great in bed without a lot of experience with a lot of women.

In any case, while I was in the shower, he put my allowance by my purse, along with a bottle of water and a chocolate bar to munch on my way home. My first per meet allowance was handled in a manner that didn’t make me feel awkward. So far our meetings are going well and we are on weekly date number five.

What I gained from adjusting my expectations?

Most of all I gained occasional enjoyment with a respectful Sugar Daddy who is the most attractive man I’ve gone out with. Ever. I also learned that turning this POT down before made him treat me as a prize. His attention is mostly on me, rather than mostly a SB trying to relax a SD. Reverse roles, and I still get an allowance.

Sugar Sisters, here is my advice to you: Be curious! Consider adjusting your expectations of your POT. Give a chance to at least go to a quick meet & greet with a POT. You might not ordinarily consider him, but you may get lucky in different ways!