The Allowance Conversation Guide

By Egan

Jun 07, 2016

In an ideal world, the topic of allowance happens during his first few meetings with a new Sugar Baby. But if not, here is the allowance conversation guide. Unfortunately, more often than not, you will have to broach the subject yourself. There are many avenues by which you can approach this sensitive topic so it’s important to find a method that works for you. Below are some suggestions on how to get the conversation started.


My general rule of thumb for determining a reasonable allowance is to look at your basic cost of living (rent, utilities, groceries, etc.) and then double it for a comfortable allowance. Analyze your location. If you live in small town America you should expect a lower allowance compared to what big city Sugar Babies are receiving. Typically the cost of living is higher in larger cities and Sugar Daddy salaries are higher too. A reasonable Sugar Daddy understands that a big city Sugar Baby will need more money to live comfortably than someone living in a smaller town so the amount he offers you will probably reflect that.


You need to determine what kind of Sugar you want. If being pampered and receiving gifts is all you need then that’s great, but many Sugar Babies are looking for a regularly occurring allowance.

It’s important to state your needs clearly so that you and your Sugar Daddy are on the same page. Determine the minimum allowance you’d be willing to accept, and what kind of arrangement you are looking for. Once you know what you want, don’t settle, go forward with confidence.  


Some Sugar Babies say it’s best to wait until the second or third date to bring up the subject of allowance. Personally, that rule doesn’t work for me. I bring up the important factors before ever meeting a POT – why waste each other’s time? I ask how frequently he’d like to meet, what his ideal dates are and yes, what sort of allowance he is comfortable providing. This is a tricky dance because you don’t want the POT to feel like they are just a potential pay-day. I always emphasize that I want to make sure our expectations are in line . There is nothing wrong with making sure both of you are on the same page prior to meeting.

After successfully discussing your expectations ahead of time, you can go into your first date with confidence. The first meeting should be casual, don’t discuss finances and don’t get physical. This is the time to get to know each other and establish whether or not there is a connection between you two. After that, if the POT wants to pursue an arrangement you’ve already established expectations and don’t have to worry about an awkward conversation.


If he refuses to give you what you need, move on. If your allowance is reasonable, be patient for the right POT, with time he will likely increase the amount and in the meantime you can enjoy the fun of getting to know your new Sugar Daddy.