Asking for More with Dignity

By Aurora

Feb 08, 2018
We Sugar Babies have all been in need or in want of something pricey. The only person we can ask to give it to us is our sweet Sugar Daddies. There is a certain kind of awkward and guilty feeling we get in our stomachs when we approach them for more material things. Especially those of us who get a really huge allowance but sometimes we just need more. We need not be anxious for anything. If you know how to be persuasive with your actions you will surely feel more confident.

Your Timing is Critical

Once in a while when your Sugar Daddy is in a very good mood and is free ask him directly for what you want. Always ask in your sweetest softest tone of voice. Or you can give him obvious hints. If he says no at first explain to him calmly and logically why you need or want it . After all, there is no need to rush as he is not busy. This way he will be receptive to what you say and more likely to spread his joy to you by granting you your wish. You just need to be patient.

Mutual Giving

A major difference between a sugar baby and a gold digger is that sugar babies develop a relationship through kindness or love, whereas gold diggers just take and take from their partners. If you offer to give your sugar daddy things some of the time, such as Christmas presents and birthday gifts as well as non-material things like extra quality time, affection and love-letters he will surely know you appreciate him. He may even think you like or love him, which in turn will make him cherish you. As a result, he will be inclined to please you by accepting your request. Since he is obviously much wealthier than you he will give you much more in abundance than what you give him. Therefore, you can think of anything you give to him as an investment.

Appear Independent Instead of Needy

For those Sugar Babies who are lucky enough to have a Sugar Daddy that is happy for you to regularly ask him for anything and everything you want and need you need not follow the following advice. Every other Sugar Baby ought to.

Asking your Sugar Daddy for all the things on your list is possible believe it or not! Simply let your Sugar Daddy know or think you are independent by notifying him of what you do for yourself. Then when you converse with him mention what you want as if they are just gifts. Name a few at a time so you can talk about other things when you guys meet. After all, you want to seem like an intimate friend who on occasion asks for more than expected. This is instead of a leech draining his bank account.

Make Giving an Investment

Your Sugar Daddy is likely to be a millionaire.  So he will be abreast of investing and its power. If you convince your Sugar Daddy that by him giving you more he will gain more he will be happy to give you want you want. This is because whether he wants to please you on the occasion you ask or not he will definitely want to please himself. For example, if you ask for an additional $5000 in one lump sum to start-up a business ensure you explain to him what the money is for. So that he knows when you become successful he can get a taste of the fruits of your labour so to speak.  You need to make sure your Sugar Daddy knows you are interested in him as well as yourself.

Treat Him Right

Common sense and psychology dictate that it is best to butter someone up before asking them to give you something. If you shower your Sugar Daddy with praises he will favor you. In addition to that he will be happy to do almost anything you say. Most kids do this with their parents to get a toy. We are lucky enough to be able to practise this with our rich Sugar Daddies! The next time you want something from your Sugar Daddy pay him a compliment beforehand.

It is not impossible to ask and receive more from your Sugar Daddy. All you have to do is be nice and be wise. Think of the right time to ask him. Also pick the right time. Within no time you will get what you want from him. Therefore, with this guide you should now be able to effectively ask for more without appearing like a greedy gold digger.