Asking a Sugar Daddy for Travel

By Delilah James

Feb 13, 2017

Louboutins are nice, but a trip to Singapore is twice as nice. So how do you go about asking a Sugar Daddy for travel?

At least, that’s what most young people are thinking these days. Once you get past the initial appeal of a few designer bags, you may start buying into the mindset that it’s better to spend money on experiences rather than things.

That doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly going to stop spending your evenings online shopping (as if), but it does mean that you’re probably itching to tap into your wanderlust and take a mini–or major–vacay. So how do you get your daddy to make the switch from Prada to Portugal? Or from Dolce to Dubai?

Contrary to popular belief, getting your Sugar Daddy to splurge on a trip for you two can actually be one of the easier things to ask for, depending on your daddy. Here’s how to get the trip you’ve always dreamed of without sounding like a total brat.

Get Him Talking

Whenever there’s a brief lull in conversation, whether it be via texts or in person, divert the subject to travel. Everybody likes talking about themselves, even if they don’t admit it. It won’t take much to get your man talking about where he’s been or where he wants to go, which is a perfect in when asking a Sugar Daddy for travel.

Simply ask him about the best trip he’s taken, or even better ask him which places are at the top of his bucket list and why. Once the wanderlust wheels start turning in his brain, the travel bug will likely start infecting him. Plus, once he sees how enthusiastic you get when he talks travel, he’ll realize that you’re the perfect travel buddy.

Do Research, Drop Hints

With all the travel-related articles and news bits circulating the internet, it’s easier than ever to drop subtle hints to your daddy about your travel fantasies. Did you just stumble across an article on how traveling to Cuba is now legal? Send it to your daddy and tell him how you’ve always wanted to go there. Not only will it get your point across, it’ll show him that you’re staying up on events because you’re sexy and smart.

Talk About Your Vacation Time

Depending on what your SD does for a living, he may not have a lax schedule. But even if that’s not the case, bringing up your upcoming spring break or work vacay in advance will make it seem more casual and potentially give him more time to plan.

Just casually mention that your spring break is in April this year and you’re not sure what you’re doing for it. Make it clear that you’re not doing anything with your friends or family. Maybe even hint about how your last spring break wasn’t so fun because your friends brought too much drama and you’d love to travel alone with someone like him. Speaking of alone…

Play Up Alone Time

Depending on your arrangement, you and your SD might find that you don’t get tons of uninterrupted alone time. That could all change on a vacay, especially if you go somewhere where you’ll have limited cell service. A vacation brings plenty of intimate opportunities for you to have fun and get a little naughty. Mile high club anyone?

The Sexy Wardrobe Excuse

Did you just convince your SD to buy you a ton of sexy Agent Provocateur swimsuits? Good for you. The only problem is you now have nowhere to wear them. As much as your Daddy surely appreciates the sexy selfies you send him in your new bikinis, tell him that you’d love to showcase your new suits on the beach for him, for a private little fashion show.

Disclaimer: Always Stay Safe!

The promise of an all-expenses-paid vacay is too good to pass up, but you should never cast away your doubts just to score a free trip. If you ever have a bad feeling about taking a long-term trip alone with your Daddy, just don’t do it. And while there are tons of men on SeekingArrangement willing to fly girls out for a first date, make sure you are smart and safe about your dates. Don’t get your wanderlust get in the way of your common sense!