Best Ways to Make Your Sugar Last

By Ashleigh

Dec 08, 2015

We all know that Sugar is supposed to make your life a little sweeter, but how do you make the most of that sweet tooth down the road? Here are some of the best ways to make your Sugar last, long past your current Sugar Daddy.

Save, Save, Save

If your current Sugar Daddy is footing the bills, don’t use this as an opportunity to blow your own cash on that new purse you’ve been eyeing, odds are Daddy will spoil you with it anyway. In lieu of treating yourself, try investing in yourself by saving that money. There’s something about having your own money growing interest that will help any goal digger sleep soundly at night. Take it a step further by looking into an IRA that will fit your needs. The sooner you start saving, the more interest your money can accumulate and it’s always more secure if you can’t touch it!

Werk Wall Street

Is your Daddy the real wolf of Wall Street? Then be sure to take advantage of his insight and ask him to mentor you in how to make the most bang for your buck.  If you’re lucky, he may even put some in your name and let’s call it a learning experience with the potential for major payout. Daddies that double as mentors are also a wonderful outlet for networking for potential contacts, especially if he is in the field you aspire to grow into. Sugar can be sweet and rewarding!

Real Deal Estate

Invest in property of your own. Whether it’s funded from your own stash, or Daddy is willing to put property in your name, it can be a staple of future growth. While sponsors may come and go, having a piece of heaven to call you own or to fall back on in the future is a sweet investment for any Sugar Baby making her Sugar work to it’s highest potential.

These are just a few suggestions to take a sweet tooth into something stable. But having a long term plan is always a good way to spread the Sugar!


What are your favorite ways to make your Sugar last?