Determining an Allowance

By Serena

Oct 21, 2015

“How do I know how much to ask for an allowance?” is a common preliminary question every Sugar Baby must ask herself. A good place to start is to figure out your monthly expenses. Hopefully, you already budget your incoming and outgoing funds, but if you don’t, I’ll provide some tips to get you started in determining an allowance.

What’s your budget?

Once you’ve decided how much it costs to maintain your lifestyle, and determine your exact goal for having a Sugar Daddy. This is in terms of how you want your arrangement with him to affect your life—be that to free up your time, spoil you with the finer things in life, or simply to help you make ends meet. Once you know what monthly amount you can feasibly accept from your Sugar Daddy, start talking to qualified prospects!

First things first, whether seeking an arrangement or not: determine all of your monthly expenses. They should be fairly regular; however, sometimes, there are larger non-recurring purchases that throw the average off, so here is how I deal with this:


Checking and Savings

I have one checking account designated for predictable monthly expenses. This includes rent, all utilities and bills, food, gas, and recurring personal care (not the once-in-awhile spa day… unless that is something you do on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis! Lucky you!). I round up the total to the nearest hundred to set the total at a nice, easy, round number, and this roundup difference acts as a cushion for small miscellaneous expenses, such as parking meters or parking lot fees, toiletries, cleaning products, or other little things that may or may not come up.

Additionally, I have a second checking account designated for larger non-recurring expenses; for example, if I want to buy curtains, furniture, home goods, sporting equipment, or anything else under the sun that’s a larger, non-regular purchase—or, in my case, Lasik eye surgery or some dental work I’ve been needing to get done—they all come out of this second checking account.

This account is only deposited into if I meet the minimum I must put into my primary (predictable, recurring expenses) account and have some extra funds.  The secondary account is used as somewhat of a savings account to save up for the next aforementioned larger purchase.

You should consider the total outgoing amount of your primary checking account to be the “monthly minimum” that you could get away with and must supply to your checking account consistently, while the second account should be considered “extra.”


Track Your Spending

I recommend keeping track of your incoming and outgoing expenses by using any cell-based spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Word, Apple Numbers, or Google Docs Sheets. The reason I suggest making an electronic spreadsheet is because this allows you to pre-populate the “Total” cells with the “=SUM” function, which will update in real-time when you make changes. For the average person, a simple sum of incoming and outgoing, balanced against one another will suffice. Alternatively, you can download free money managing apps like Mint to help track your habits.


Be a Goal Digger

Next, determine which of these 3 goal categories you identify with, regarding what you’re trying to accomplish by having a Sugar Daddy:

A.) Do you want your SD to simply replace your income so that you can re-allocate the time you would’ve spent working to other full-time commitments, such as going back to school, getting started in a new career, or doing non-profit philanthropic work?

B.) Do you want your SD to replace your income and spoil you with gifts, travel, and extras? I call this “The Royal Treatment!” Believe it or not, there are some Sugar Daddies who are seeking to treat their Sugar Babies to this. This may slim down your options for potentials, but if this is what you want then go for it!

C.) Or, do you enjoy and want to continue working your current job, but just need that little extra supplement from your SD to make ends meet?

Confer with yourself on what kind of support you need from a Sugar Daddy in order to meet your goals. This will help you stay focused and make the most of your Sugaring experience.


Shop Around

Now that you’ve quantified and qualified your needs in an arrangement, you’re in a frame of mind to spot out the Sugar Daddies that fit the bill. Start reading profiles on SeekingArrangement and looking for clues that may indicate which of these 3 levels of support he’s willing to provide. Key phrases such as “will provide generously” or “looking to spoil the right girl” are loose indications of where he stands in these 3 categories, but the number value of his budget listed on the site is the most indicative of what he’s willing to provide.
Of course, this is only a ballpark estimate, so if a Sugar Daddy who meets your needs sparks your interest, message him and get the details. And of course, if you find that you’re both able to meet each other’s needs, set a date, and the rest could be history!