Does Allowance Size Matter?

By Jasmin

May 02, 2017

Looking at this, you’re probably thinking what on earth. Although I could ramble on and on about why size in that sense matters, I think it’s best to go by relevance when it comes to Sugar Dating. So in other words, does having more than one Sugar Daddy matter?


It’s A Balancing Act

Usually, I would suggest talking to multiple potential daddies to get a gist of person you  want to spend time with. There’s no point being around someone purely for the advantages of being with them. By this I mean you don’t want to go on multiple dinner dates with someone who bores the crap out of you. For some this works out perfectly as it restricts the idea of any accidental romance to bloom. For others however, this very thought terrifies them. I’m one of those people.


Being around someone I’m getting to know,even for a few minutes, has got to be the most painstakingly frustrating couple of minutes-hours when their personality in no way compliments mine. So why would anyone want to put themselves in that position? Especially knowing full well they would be around this particular person on a reoccurring basis? I definitely wouldn’t do it again…even for a brand new Chanel bag.

While it is good to stick with one Sugar Daddy at a time. I’m also a big advocate of playing in the field for a little while. This is to find someone that is better suited to you and your needs.


What If I Find The Perfect Sugar Daddy For Me?

However with this being said when you do find a Sugar Daddy who is able to tick all of the boxes in the ‘requirements’ field, he’s not too bad to be around. In addition, he absolutely adores having you around! What’s to go wrong? Searching for more Sugar Daddies will only make things harder for you.
Let’s go by the assumption that you’ve met another Sugar Daddy. He is in the exact same boat as your existing one. Wouldn’t that be harder to maintain? Assuming that both of them wanted you to meet them twice every month, you will be dedicating a large chunk of your time Sugar Dating. Although this has its tangible advantages, is this something you could potentially do? Could you juggle between the two, whilst balancing the struggles of your own life?
Then again, there are benefits to having Sugar Daddies lined up to avoid the ‘starting again’ process when things go wrong. Knowing that there will always be a back up, or a number two let’s say, will always be more of an appealing option.


Only You Can Decide

With all of this being said I truly believe that talking to multiple Daddies within the early stages is a crucial process. You have the upper hand of picking and choosing who you want to and don’t want to spend your time and energy with. And you have it on more than one occasion. You will always be in full control, and not lean towards someone you don’t really find interesting because you have no one else.


When you have found the ‘perfect’ Sugar Daddy you will know it. It can become a long-term arrangement. That’s when I would highly recommend  that and take yourself out of the Bowl. Always be sensible with the Daddies you pick, as some of them may not be as genuine as you’d think. Enjoy the moment while you’re in it. Sugar Dating is fun, whether it’d be with one, two, or three daddies. Live for that moment and enjoy it!