Getting Over a Sugar Drought

By Brook

Oct 15, 2015

When the Sugar river runs dry, there are a few ways to quench your thirst for a POT. Getting over a Sugar drought is as easy as these simple tips.

Login everyday.

Make sure you’re logging into SeekingArrangement everyday and checking messages. Plenty of men won’t take kindly to someone who takes three days to respond to his note. Respond promptly and don’t be afraid to message guys who interest you first. Another benefit of logging in frequently is that if features you in search as an online member, meaning he’s more likely to reach out.

Perfect your profile.

I get it, when you first signed up you probably were “just checking it out” and blew through a one or two sentence bio. This is not how you win over a Sugar Daddy. You need to update this and sell yourself. Recently started drinking wine? Say you’re a wino who wants to visit Napa! Anything you do can be interesting and alluring if you phrase it right.

Change up your pictures.

Constantly be rotating your pictures and switching up your headline. This will attract new men to your profile who might have skimmed over your vacation pic where you’re hardly visible. Then again a more outdoorsy, adventurous guy might be into you paddle boarding in Thailand. It’s all about preference, and I’m sure you have a variety of pics to represent any Daddy’s fancy.

Grab a drink solo.

Have you ever been to a bar alone of your own volition? Most of us probably haven’t, unless you’re the type that prefers a bit of solitude. When freelancing a POT, going to a bar alone shows you’re independent, and gives him an opening to come chat you up. Go to a nice part of town right around the time an exec might be leaving his office and wear something unforgettable. It’s like fishing for a Sugar Daddy, but you’ve got to paddle out first.

Revise your expectations.

Sometimes you feel like it’s a draught because none of the Sugar Daddies are “real” and everyone just wants to have sex with you. Have you ever looked in the mirror at your own expectations? If you’re expecting $5,000 per month and come off as a gold digger who is only after the money, he’s going to treat you like one.

The key here is to have a connection with someone you already know is willing to spoil, but the connection needs to come first. Don’t set your expectations unrealistically, and don’t call him salt if he doesn’t have the funding. Not all guys have the means to provide living expenses and an allowance, but that’s not to say you won’t be treated like a princess. And once the relationship is solid after a few dates, he’ll likely be happy to pay a bill or two.. or three.