Getting a Sugar Daddy to Invest in Your Business

By Heather P

Jul 09, 2017

Every Sugar Baby can agree we all want one thing: stable income. We want to be sure that our bills are paid, our manicures are perfect and we can shop to our heart’s desire without having to look at price tags. We can also all agree that one of our biggest fears is losing the luxe lifestyle that comes with having a Sugar Daddy. As a result, we have to always make sure that we’re constantly considering our future and doing whatever is best to secure it!

One of the best ways to secure your financial future is to take an idea that you have and turn it from a passion to profit. If you have an idea but lack the capital or know-how to pursue it, you should definitely consider pursuing a Sugar Daddy that can provide. His mentorship, guidance could be all you need to getting a Sugar Daddy to invest in your business.


Creating A Business Plan

So, you have an idea, now what? The first step is simple. Create a solid business plan. Regardless of whether or not you are seeking the help of a Sugar Daddy, a pre-written template is absolutely key in perfecting a business plan. They’re readily available online. Guides when creating your own business plan are extremely useful because they outline everything step by step. They explain what yours should look like. Writing a business plan is long and painstaking but when you have that integral piece out of the way, you’ll be off to a sweet start! ; )


Getting Daddy A Piece of the Pie

Now that you have your business plan set, here’s the hard part: getting your Sugar Daddy to want a piece of the pie. You definitely should consistently mention your ideas and always ask for feedback. If your idea or business is something that you are passionate about show it! Sugar Daddies love when Sugar Babies know what they want. Show your Sugar Daddy your ambition and exude confidence. If you’re not confident in your idea, why should your Sugar Daddy be?


Now What?

The next thing you want to do, is be straight forward about what you need to pursue your business. Do you need to borrow some of his office space? Would you like him to introduce you to some of his venture capitalist friends? Figure out what you need, and ask for it.


The Art of Negotiation

You also have to show your Sugar Daddy how pursuing your idea will benefit him. This is where the art of negotiation comes into play. You have to really have an open mind about negotiating and understand that no one wants to invest time, energy or money in something that won’t benefit them. Show your Sugar Daddy any statistical data that might help alleviate any worries or concerns he may have. This shows that your idea or business can actually turn out to be fruitful because you have evidence that can back you up. When you get your Sugar Daddy to see how successful you can both be together, he’ll definitely be all in with his cash out!

Good Luck! But Remember: Play Hard and Work Hard!