Do You Gift Your Sugar Daddy?

By Annalise

Apr 25, 2017

Whether you’ve been together for a year or the relationship is fresh, you should remind a Sugar Daddy you care about him. Deciding which direction to go in can be a challenge. He already has everything. Do you gift your Sugar Daddy?

Starting Out Slow

When you’ve only been on one or two dates, thinking of a token is especially hard. You barely know each other, but that’s what makes this more simple. Send him an article or a meme that makes you think of him.

A great place to find the forgotten and interesting corners of the internet is StumbleUpon. Just set your preferences to history or technology and you’ll stumble onto things you can forward his way.

Finding something in the digital world you can gift him is a small sign you were really listening. A quote, a picture, or maybe the link to a funny desk ornament on Amazon. Get creative! This one is priceless… literally.

Accessories, Please

Pocket squares, cufflinks or dress socks are all nice touches. But finding a gift he doesn’t have a thousand of already will knock those dress socks right off. Go for something novel or homemade. Sites like Rusticlub have unique wooden watches that you don’t have to spend a fortune on.

Take into account the little things he likes, football teams or TV shows, and find a novelty item with that branding. It may only take $20 to make him feel like a million bucks wearing the little treasure you got for him.

Get Carded

Once you’ve established a connection, a card can be a great little gift. It doesn’t cost a lot, and if you get one with a sweet message it can really pluck at his heartstrings. Whether it’s an “I miss you” card for the long distance SD or a “Get well soon” for the SD recovering from a cold, cards are an old school token of affection.

It’s not just the card. It’s the act of picking it out, writing a special message in it, then mailing it to him. It may need to be a plain envelope sent to his office if you’re trying to stay discreet. My favorite place for unique and memorable cards is Papyrus. They’re sold at Target and really worth the extra couple dollars.

What do you give your Sugar Daddy to show you care?