Great Ways To Stretch Your Sugar

By Brielle

Mar 21, 2019

We all know how great it is to receive your sugar. But the bills need to be paid or you are saving for a rainy day. Stretching your sugar can also make you look more responsible to your daddy which means you may be in a position to get a raise. So, how do you stretch your sugar? First, take a look at your budget.


If Daddy isn’t taking care of your cable, there are ways to reduce the bill. You can cut the cord and go streaming. There are lots of streaming services that provide everything a cable provider would. In fact, you can get channels that you might not normally get.

Some of these streaming services include Hulu+ (free 2-week trial), Slingtv, DirecTV Now, and YouTube TV. These services offer many of the standard channels on cable and various extras. They range in prices depending on what tier you get. This baby’s recommendation is SlingTV. They offer two packages; sling orange or blue. Sling orange has more limited channels, while sling blue has a wider variety. Personally, I subscribe to both which gives me the most channels for under 100.00. All you need is internet and a streaming device such as Roku or Amazon FireTV. These devices are sold in stores and can be found online. They are user-friendly and will often come with free channels which combined with your service provider, provides hours of entertainment for you and that sleepover with Daddy.

Your Closet

Another way to stretch your sugar is with your wardrobe. The temptation to blow your money on fancy clothes is real, but hold on. Maybe instead of one nice outfit, you can get several by thrifting.

Check out your local thrift store. Thrift stores and consignment shops will often have great finds for pennies on the dollar. I personally love a thrift store that gives back. My favorite is a store that supports animal shelters in my area. So when shopping, I’m giving back.


Skip the morning Starbucks and brew your own. Bring your own insulated travel mug loaded with your own favorite java goodness on your errands, school, or your day job. Also, pack your lunch when you’re going to be out all day. That way, you can save money and watch your figure.

If you are a college student and your institution offers a free gym membership, use it! Many colleges offer many of the same fitness amenities as a regular gym, including classes, free weights, and even a pool.

There are lots of ways to budget your sugar, these are just a few. Finding a budget you can live with puts you in a position to live well on your sugar and put back for a sour day.