How do I ask for an allowance?

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

Scoring an arrangement complete with an allowance is no easy task. There are only about fifty percent of Sugar Daddies willing to provide monthly allowances. Most of them are looking to pay bills or help with college and provide nice things, but a monthly stipend is some next level Sugaring.

The first step is really forming a bond with your POT, and making sure you are a good match. Within a few dates you can determine if he’s the type to simply spoil you, or actually put you on payroll. Get to know him and let him know you’re in the relationship for more than funds. This is about fostering your dreams for bigger and better things, and he can help you get there. Make sure your feelings are genuine because he’ll be able to sense if they aren’t.

Getting an allowance is an exact science. It boils down to time + chemistry = generosity. You have to put in the time, sometimes multiple dates without setting the allowance up. Make sure there is actual chemistry, since that’s something neither one of you can fake. The last factor is how much he’s willing to spend. This can be tied to income, but is more often a direct factor of his willingness to be generous. A woman’s gratitude goes a long way and the more appreciative she seems, the better the chances for an allowance.

Once you have those three things, it’s all about showing him you’re worth it, and how you can use the money to positively benefit your life. So you want a pair of Loubies? Just hold out for holidays. He wants to hear about the ways this money can build you a brighter future, so explain that you can focus on grades, or your career, or whatever with his help. Insert the allowance topic into the conversation when money naturally comes up rather than bringing it up out of nowhere, and put your negotiating skills to the test.