Expanding Your Makeup Kit Allowance

By Harana

Nov 14, 2018

Of course, Sugaring is no walk in the park. Many writers have, in fact, devoted themselves to listing the do’s and don’ts of this intricate art. It was a lifestyle that promised luxury and financial stability if the aspiring Sugar Baby were to survive in the field of it. It seemed only the most experienced and intelligent Sugar Babies were successful in taking full advantage of the job, a numbered portion even thriving with Sugaring as a covert career alongside a “regular” job. With the endgame reward of allowance, any financially-struggling Sugar Baby would feel compelled to do their best. Earning my first allowance, it was only typical that my hands were itching to spend it on clothes and makeup. Keeping track of how much I put into savings and school expenses, I set aside a small portion for my vanity. I have listed below the addition of cosmetic products that I (and hopefully, you!) was finally able to add to my beauty kit, at last.


Shame on me for not having the most essential cosmetic product of them all: a sunscreen with sufficient SPF. At the time, my skin was dry and pale, containing subtle flakes of sun-damaged cells. Needless to say, I spent a portion of my allowance on finding and buying a branded sunscreen that promised protection and moisturizing. As soon as I had that first line of defense on my skin, I felt a little more ready to face the outside world with a bare face. The results were subtle, starting with a smoother and less dry skin until I noticed the absence of any peeling skin, which was evident previously. I would say adding this to your growing makeup kit would be a good choice.


Two heavenly words for any makeup loving babe: mattifying primer. When I started to delve into the field of make-up, I had no idea such a thing as primer existed. I was lucky enough to have started out with a well-known foundation brand so it didn’t look too chunky when I smeared all that gobbledygook on my face. I would suggest buying primer as soon as you have spare money in your possession. An ultimate game-changer: great mattifying primers would do the right job of diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and pores without feeling too heavy on your skin. This cosmetic product is a definite must-have, especially since it made applying foundation, concealer, and all other products way easier with how smoother and leveled it made the skin look. If other people (or yourself) have often noticed how heavy or chunky the layers on your face were, maybe it’s time for you to invest in a good primer.


I was never really the highlighter sort of gal. My minimal makeup routine would have been lip tint, a little contour (I had big cheeks and a defined jawline), volumizing waterproof mascara, and gel-penciled eyebrows. Highlighters seemed more of a “buy it once you have enough spare money” product. Looking back, I should never have underestimated the power of a simple swipe of highlighter across the cheekbones and under a perfectly, threaded brow. I quickly saw how much more vibrant and “alive” I appeared once I covered my eye bags up with lightweight, but effective concealer. I was practically beaming with confidence as my skin shone with the natural glow my recent skincare routine brought out and the slight shimmer my newly-purchased highlighter gave.

Micellar Water

How thankful was I when I discovered micellar water. Talk about a game changer. Before splitting some of my hard-earned allowance on a bottle of micellar water and pack of makeup pads, I was going the long-cut way of persevering with drugstore makeup removers. To say how time-consuming and downright ineffective the method was would be an understatement. Some nights, I would choose not to apply a full face because I was feeling too lazy to wipe it off afterward. Not only did this product remove makeup sans the oily layer that some makeup removers tended to leave, but it also hydrated my skin. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who hasn’t tried it, especially since drops of it would make the skin feel refreshed on a hot day.


Barely surviving on my student’s budget, I was itching for the day I wouldn’t have to worry about eating cheap lunch in exchange for the purchase of some good face masks. With my allowance safely tucked in my wallet, I was finally able to splurge on a container of clay mask, foam cleansers, and brightening toners. Perhaps one of the best things I have invested in, I would advise anyone to start their own skincare routine. It could be as simple as purchasing an appraised moisturizer to going the full way of the 10-step Korean skin care method.

That was my list. What kind of purchases have you #self-love treated yourself with?