How much should I ask a Sugar Daddy for?

By Malia

Dec 10, 2016

Allowance averages are a benchmark for Sugar Babies. What is a fair amount to expect from Sugar Daddies? I don’t want to be taken advantage. Is $3,000 per month a good allowance? How about $500 or $2,000 per meeting? How much should I ask a Sugar Daddy for? These questions repeat over and over in the Forums as newbie Sugar Babies prepare to debut in the Sugar Bowl.

“The Average”

The average Sugar Baby allowance is $3,000, but that varies depending on location and lifestyle expectation. Obviously, the cities with higher cost of living command higher allowances. As you know, living in New York City takes a lot more in funds than in Oklahoma City.

This allowance can be in the form of gifts, cash, tuition, bills, etc. Just because this is the average, this is not what you should always expect. Sometimes this needs to be worked up to or negotiated, and going into a conversation with a POT feeling entitled to this amount will not benefit you with the majority of Daddies.

So how much do I ask for?

The variables are defined by the circumstances, people involved, the connection, and most of all generosity of a Sugar Daddy. It doesn’t directly correlate with the net worth of the Sugar Daddy as his wealth can be tied in fixed assets.

Someone listing income of $500,000 on SeekingArrangement as a salaried professional can be more liquid than an entrepreneur making over $1million. Or a POT making $300,000 may have more disposable income because he has no dependents while the $500,000 may be paying child support. Asking for your allowance is based on what he can afford, and what he’s willing to spend. Which you can’t know from exchanging a few messages.

I bet that’s not quite the specific number you were searching for. However, you can determine your allowance minimum. What I’d like to do is make clear that the Sugar Baby life is not about unrealistic expectations in Fantasyland. Chances are you won’t end up with an arsenal of Louis Vuitton bags overpacked with $100 bills and Agent Provocateur. At least not for a while.

Reality Check

Probably not the kind of check you wanted. Sugar Baby life in social media leads to lots of these unrealistic expectations. As you know, much of that information is spread by ultra-competitive girls. The pettiness is as stereotypical as all Sugar Babies are escorts or skinny tall blond bimbos.

There are professional escorts in disguise among SBs. There are those living fantastic glamorous lifestyles available, but it’s uncommon. Most successful SBs are busy saving, going to class, and networking, so they don’t spend much time on Instagram.

You will also find Sugar Daddies claiming arrangements are much lower valued than the reality.

Exaggerations are right and left, everywhere! The truth falls somewhere in the gaps between what SDs and SBs claim in the social media and forums discussions.

How much do you think I’m worth?

Can I get higher allowance if I am a virgin? Younger, like 18 and 19? Experienced and know what I am doing at 30? Money should not determine one’s notion of your self-worthiness.

Ideally, you should ask for an allowance that helps you achieve your Sugar Baby goals. If you need $6,000 a month and that is your minimum threshold to be in an exclusive arrangement, ask for it. If you only need $1,000 ask for that.

Common Offers

Many SDs are successful salaried professionals or business owners lacking considerably in life balance. Whether he misses playtime because of his passion for work, or there’s a lack of passion in his married life.

Even many well paid people cannot sustain a high lifestyle for themselves and a separate one for you. Most allowances consist of a partial help on your needs. Do not expect your allowance to be the jackpot solution, and don’t expect to stop working.

Down to Earth demeanor ultimately wins. Be appreciative of what your SD is willing to share with you. If your POT is only able to provide you a $2,000 monthly allowance and you have great rapport and a fun time with him, take it. A fair and sweet allowance is worth it.

If another POT offers you a $5,000 allowance a month but you must fake it to make it work, the pile of stress will wear you out. A real Sugar Daddy will want to gift the Sugar Baby he chooses, even if he can’t afford a Birkin.

Choose Wisely

My most miserable experience in the Sugar Bowl was when I had the highest allowance. He committed to my full tuition at an Ivy League school and plus housing, a cash stipend, and a jet commute to meet him over the weekends. And that was whether our arrangement lasted for all those years or not.

I opted out to attend a state school, far away from his reach at every level. That High Lifestyle allowance didn’t make benefit my life. My sense of self-worth correlates to enjoying the SDs company, in addition to achieving my Sugar Baby goals. My arrangements are never just about the $$$…and yours shouldn’t be either.