How Not to Get Scammed

By Brook

Apr 03, 2017

Perhaps you’ve had an offer from a too-good-to-be-true Sugar Daddy who wants to send you money up front to “show he’s real.” It’s your lucky day… right? WRONG! Here’s how NOT to get scammed.

The World is Full of Jerks

Lately there seems to be an influx of Sugar Babies who have fallen victim to scammers. I understand not all Sugar Babies recognize a con artist posing as a Sugar Daddy, so we want to highlight the major red flags. First off, the world is full of jerks and people trying to scam you. This is NOT a SeekingArrangement problem, it’s a GLOBAL problem. You need to be using common sense. Keep your privacy, money, and trust for only those who earn it. 

Do NOT Accept Money from Strangers

What’s one of the first rules you were taught growing up? Likely it’s not to accept candy from strangers. This cardinal rule for safety holds true even as adults. There are frauds out there posing as Sugar Daddies, trying to capitalize on newbies. If someone you don’t know and have never talked to is requesting your PayPal or banking info to send money, report them immediately. This is a scam. Who sends complete strangers money? NO ONE! If you want more info about safe ways to receive funds, read this blog.

NEVER Give a Sugar Daddy Money

If a Sugar Daddy asks for any amount of money (reimburse for expenses, says he’ll give you the full amount in-person, wants you to purchase gift cards, etc) it is a scam. If he is truly a Sugar Daddy, he doesn’t need your financial help. Also, if a Sugar Daddy ever asks you to send something or do something on his behalf – like depositing a check or making a purchase – this is also an attempt to scam you. The only reason you should feel comfortable investing your own money into a Sugar Daddy is when you have an established, on-going arrangement. And even then, it’s not recommended. 

DO NOT Have Online Arrangements

There are only a few very rare cases in which a Sugar Daddy wants to gift and spoil someone they know exclusively online. These days, it’s much easier to go to a cam girl site or something with less commitment, and more anonymity. When a Sugar Daddy is attempting to communicate a lot, but only over text/email/chat and never in person or over the phone, he is likely leading you on. The point of communicating is to set up a date and find out if you have chemistry. You do not to waste your time texting a scammer or picture collector. Here’s how to secure a Sugar date.

DON’T Have Sex and Expect to be Paid

There have been a few accounts of SBs being duped into sex with an expectation or promise of pay. Um.. HELLO, you’re doing it wrong! Being given money in exchange for sex is sex work, and Sugar Babies are not sex workers. If a supposed Sugar Daddy tries to negotiate a dollar amount for ‘hosting’ him, he’s looking for a sex worker. Sugar Babies do not negotiate rates, since they are not being paid. If you’re confused about how to get an allowance, read this blog.

Report Scammers 

The site needs your help removing these malicious profiles. If you suspect or have been victimized by a scammer, immediately block and report this user. SeekingArrangement takes reports VERY seriously and pay close attention to any and all flagged accounts. Your safety is a huge priority.

Keep an eye out for each other!