How To Make The Sugar Last

By Ava Kinsey

Apr 07, 2016

By now you’ve scoured blog post after blog post to learn all you can about being a Sugar Baby but one question still remains; How do I extend the shelf-life of my arrangement? Well, search no more! Here are some tips on how to make the Sugar last.

Pay Attention

Regardless of why your Daddy desires an arrangement, at the very center of his needs is companionship. He is a human and humans need to have meaningful connections – it’s a scientific fact. So how do you keep the electricity going when communication and time spent together are limited? You pay attention to his love language and his communicated needs.

Does he need words of affirmation? A simple email or text (if you communicate through those mediums) pointing out what you adore about him will not only bring a smile to his face but in turn, it forces him to pause and think about the reasons he adores you, too. If he’s going through a particularly stressful time, send him words of encouragement highlighting how proud you are of him and reassuring him that whatever comes his way, he’ll be able to handle it.

Be Grateful

Never, under any circumstance, assume you are entitled to anything. Your Daddy works hard for his money and while arrangements are mutually beneficial, you are not entitled to anything. Exercise sincere gratitude at all times. Your Daddy deserves to know that you appreciate all that he does for you. He deserves to know that the queen he’s investing in isn’t going to throw a temper tantrum if her steak isn’t prepared perfectly rare or her champagne isn’t Dom Perignon. Always remind him how appreciative you are of his generosity.

Limit The Drama

Say this with me, “I am his escape. Our time together is our escape.”

Let’s face it, life gets hard sometimes. Things don’t always go our way and sometimes we really just need to vent. Your Daddy is not the person to lay all of your burdens on. More than likely, he desired an arrangement because he needs a break from his everyday life and he pursued you because you are capable of providing that escape. Remain that escape. Use your time together to mentally escape whatever issues are going on in your world. Let your arrangement be the fantasy relationship you’ve both searched for. Your time together needs to be built to last, and bringing in outside stressors is the quickest ways to deteriorate your bond.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Why did you get into this lifestyle? What goals do you need help reaching? Remembering why you chose to become a Sugar Baby during times of frustration and loneliness is key. If your Daddy is helping you reach your goals and is providing the lifestyle you desire then he’s worth any extra effort. Remain laser focused on why you’re in this lifestyle and it will be easier to navigate the in’s and out’s of a lasting arrangement.