How to Solidify Your Arrangement

By Chelsea

Oct 09, 2015

It is best to arrange a plan of action with your man about how you both will benefit each other. Sorting the financial aspect out right away is the most successful way to have a good experience. Finding out things such as what kinds of activities you’ll do together, how much he wants to help you, and how much he wants you around are all parts of the first conversation.

Find out what he has to offer and why he is interested in a mutually beneficial arrangement as opposed to a regular relationship. If you ask this question on the first date, you will get a very clear response on what you can expect. I have always found it very beneficial to lay out exactly what I need.

There are usually two kinds of Sugar Daddies. First are the kind that want to spend an allotted amount of time with you and help you out with a set allowance. This kind of Daddy is usually married or wanting things to be simple. I have always found this to be the easiest. They will not take offense to you asking about an allowance. Then there is the kind that wants to see you and talk to you more regularly and randomly. This type of arrangement is usually less structured and complicated when it comes to talking finances.

If you’re talking to a guy who is more difficult to ask, try telling him about your stress, concerns, bills, and obligations. If he is not willing to help then it’s time to continue in your search!
Everyone has their own style as far as asking their Daddy for Sugar, but always be straight up and know your worth.

Stay sweet,
xoxo Chelsea Rachelle