How to Tell Your Parents Where the Sugar is Coming From

By Helia Woods

May 02, 2016

Many of us get consumed in the excitement that comes with being a Sugar Baby: getting some extra spending money, buying that dream bag you’ve wanted for years or finally getting to take the trip of a lifetime to Thailand. While all that is amazing and brings tons of joy, sometimes we forget to think about what we’ll tell our parents.  “How exactly did you afford that $3000 purse,” mom or dad might ask. Here’s how to tell your parents where the Sugar is coming from.

Subtle Hints

If you’re already living on your own, it’s much easier to keep your trips and designer bags on the down-low, but if you do still live at home and have curious parents, having fancy things and disappearing for days at a time could definitely raise suspicion. Most parents aren’t very keen on hearing that their child is a Sugar Baby, but if you feel like you can be open about the situation, try to drop subtle hints and see what happens. You know your parents best, so you know what they can and can’t handle hearing.

Rich Boyfriend

The best cover I’ve come up with thus far, is the “wealthy boyfriend,” and it seems to work pretty well. I told my parents I was seeing someone new and that he came from a wealthy family. When I receive nice gifts from a POT, I tell my parents my rich boyfriend got it for me. Try not to completely make up the guy, the person who I told my parents about does exist, he just wasn’t the one giving me the goods. They would question why he was getting me nice things and I’d simply say that he liked me a lot and was very kind and generous – all true!

Picked Up A Part-Time Job

Another thing you can tell your parents is that you have an online job that you can do on your own time. This could be blog writing, or online customer support.For example, many websites have an option where customers can chat with a representative and get help with issues they are experiencing, you can tell them that you have a job like that one.

Saving Up

If you do have a job or your parents give you money, you can simply say that you’ve been saving up or investing your money lately. Note, this is actually a good idea to do with your Sugar funds. Keep in mind that you never know how long a relationship will last and the cash can stop coming in at any time, so take some precautionary measures and keep money saved and try investing. If your Sugar Daddy is familiar with the stock market, he could definitely help you out with that.

Again, it might be difficult for some parents to digest, but at the end of the day, they will still love and respect you. As long as you’re happy and bettering your life, your parents will eventually come around if they have any reservations.

Happy Sugaring!