Improving Your Sugar Baby Profile

By Malia

Apr 01, 2017

Can you review my profile? Can you tell me why I am not getting messages or interest from a suitable Sugar Daddy? Is that because I am… older? African American? Not blond? Small boobs?

Your self doubt may soar and your self confidence plummet when your first sugar dating profile doesn’t attract as many prospects to your inbox as expected. So you start thinking of scapegoats… let’s stop right there and tackle the root of the problem. Improving your sugar baby profile is easy when you consider the following points.

Blame Your Profile

Don’t even get started on the path of pity, unfair world or self destruction. To be a sugar baby you need to have tough skin on inside and a soft and beautiful one on the outside. Patience is key on the search and you have to keep improving your sugar baby profile beyond what would otherwise fare well on vanilla dating sites.

By trial and error, my tip is to test different profile versions as you go. Try to update your SA profile every week you are actively looking for a new Sugar Daddy. Not only does this approach keep your profile fresh to optimize the number of views you get, but it also allows you to learn what actions in your profile determine reactions of different types of potential sugar daddies. Once you find your “that’s it” type of POT coming to you, then just refresh the grammar or word choices here and there to refresh your profile on SA.

Enhance Your Profile by Knowing What NOT to Include

You may be writing your first ever SB profile and don’t know if being a Sugar Baby is for you. That is fine but avoid statements of uncertainty. In addition, ‘newbie statements’ are bait for scammers, predators, pick up artists, and salty daddies (add link: targeting new Sugar Babies. Check if you have sentences such as “I am just trying this Sugar Baby thing out and am not sure what I a looking for yet.” or “I am new to this so be gentle.” If your profile contains these or statements like these, remove them.

State the Positive and Spin the Negative

It is easier to state dislikes but it projects a very negative perspective. Check for statements like: no fat people, no cheaters, can’t be bitter or controlling, can’t be over 45, not exclusive, serious inquires only, and don’t ask me for photos without writing me first. Negative statements are off putting and may drive away the potential SD’s you actually want. Instead, try to convey things in a positive light. For instance: In my dream, my Sugar Daddy would be to a youthful, upbeat single and fit daddy who is interested in a personal connection within an open arrangement.

Entitled Princesses Never Find Their Prince

Any sense of entitlement that pushes a potential sugar daddy’s wallet to the foreground can backfire. This would be the equivalent of “Don’t treat me like an ATM” on a Sugar Daddy profile. Eliminate phrases like “I want to be introduced to the finest life and luxury, be treated like I deserve, have a Beverly Hills or Park Avenue closet.” A real Sugar Daddy knows his role and does not need to be reminded. Plus, in any arrangement, the wishes and desires of each party will be discussed. There will be a time and place to tell your POT what you’re looking for in an arrangement. After that, you can remind gently it’s time to talk (add link about gifting and expectations.

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me

If you profile is focused on what you want out of a POT, you may be missing your best angle and coming across as self centered. Try to convert your sentences to “I can do this therefore you can benefit in this way” type of approach. Tell a Sugar Daddy why you are unique and how you can add sparkle to his life. Additionally, on “What I am looking for”, stop trying to tell about yourself. Instead, describe the type of sugar dates you and your new Sugar Daddy could enjoy together, local or long distance, light or heavy dating schedule, ability to travel, etc.

Now, by improving your sugar baby profile you should be headed in the right direction towards finding a sweet Sugar Daddy.