Keeping Allowance Discreet

By Malia

Oct 13, 2016

Cash is the most flexible form of allowance a Sugar Baby can receive for various reasons. If you are anything like me, you may have trouble stopping yourself from splurging. It’s tough to make that decision between purchasing a new Louis Vuitton purse or saving for something more important. Truth is, when you walk around with all that cash in hand you’re more tempted to spend it. Knowing how to manage your money and keeping allowance discreet can help you in the long run.

Do you have a budget?

Most people don’t, but having a budget is very important and not at all complicated to set up.  I find that the easiest way to control my expenses is by tracking them using a spreadsheet, such as excel. If spreadsheets aren’t your thing try an app like Mint. Either option will allow you to get a clear look at your expenses.

Once you are all set up take a look at the categories that cost you the most and determine whether or not you can cut back on some of those expenses. Now that you know the amount needed for each category you will have a clear understanding on how much you need to get by each month, as well as how much wiggle room you have to splurge.

Gift Cards

Buying gifts cards is a great way to have less of a paper trail when it comes to not wanting to have so much cash in the bank. This also helps to budget your allowance and not overspend, which is what most of us tend to do. The best way is to purchase  gift cards using your cash in the amount that you would typically spend in a month.

If your funds are sweeter than that, build up towards the equivalent of a two to six month cushion. Grocery stores and pharmacies are good places to buy gift cards using cash without paying extra fees. Over budget for food just in case you run dry on Sugar funds.Personally I have three main go-to gift card options.  

The first one is Whole Foods. I can get great quality food, cosmetics, coffee, and more all with one card. My second frequently purchased gift card is a gas card.  With this card I never have to worry about my tank being on E and can get up and go whenever and wherever.

The third go to gift card for me is an Amazon gift card. This card in particular is one of my favorites since it’s the most flexible. I can get many different things delivered to me, including additional gift cards if need be.

Money Order

When it comes to paying bills, in order to keep my Sugar funds discreet I pay using what some may consider an old-fashioned method, a money order. Although it may be more convenient to pay your bills electronically via your bank account, paying using a money order keeps your money out of sight and leaves behind a much smaller paper trail.

If you have extra cash on hand one way to stay on top of your bills is to overpay. Personally I pay my cell phone bill a few months in advance since the price is the same every month. You can also consider negotiating a discount with your landlord if you prepay 3-6-months worth of rent.

Pre-paid Debit Card

You may find that some of your expenses cannot be paid using a gift card or money order. If that does occur another good option to keep your Sugar funds discreet is to purchase pre-paid debit cards. These cards allow you to load anywhere from $15 up to $1,000. These come in handy when you need to pay for expenses with a higher price tag or that you simply cannot use a gift card for, such as renting a car or booking a hotel.


This option is kind of like a pre-paid online debit card.  I like to load that up with a bit of cash each month so I can shop online and pay for many things without a credit card. I tend to use this option when it comes to smaller purchases such as having food delivered or for purchases that I cannot make with one of my three go to gift cards.  

Rent a Safe

Renting a safe is one of the best options when it comes to keeping certain gifts or extra cash you’ve received from your Sugar Daddy discreet and safe. Keep your gift cards, extra cash and jewelry that you don’t use on a weekly basis in a safe so it is not stolen or destroyed.

What are your tips for managing your Sugar funds discreetly?