Let’s Talk About Money

By David Montrose

Jan 19, 2017

One of the reasons Sugar Babies may desire an SD is the material benefits that come with the arrangement. Hopefully, it’s not the only reason you want to be with an older successful man, but the reality is that money will flow your way. It can be hard to talk about cash, but it’s definitely a part of a mutually beneficial relationship in some form. So, let’s talk about money.

If you have been lucky enough to find someone where there is mutual chemistry and the arrangement is a long one, the money will start building up. So, the next question is: ‘What am I going to do with the money? What is the best and most efficient way to use it?’

The pointers I give below may not make me the most popular person, but I feel strongly that financial planning and literacy are important–more important than glamorous shopping trips.

Buy Things You Really Need

I don’t mean a pair of Louboutins, as good as they may look on you. I mean a nice looking outfit for work (depending on what work you do, of course) or something that may look good for a job interview.

Better yet, you may ask your SD to replace your old MacBook for a newer one. Which, again, will make your work or your job hunting easier.

Pay Down Debt

Debt, especially high interest rate credit card debt, can hang around your neck forever (literally!) unless you pay it down quickly. So, if you’ve been $1,000 or more in this type of debt, and find it difficult to make the minimum monthly payment, I would suggest you ask your SD for help.

This is one topic that most successful professionals are very aware of, so I am sure they wouldn’t mind helping you out. You should build up to paying at least twice the minimum amount due each month.


Once you have accomplished the first two items I mentioned, (buying necessary things for work, and paying down any debt) you can start thinking about investing any leftover allowance money.

Investing is a very personal, but also a complex process with many variables, and it all depends on how much risk you can tolerate and what type of person you are. Are you patient and willing to invest for the long haul? Or are you more of a short term, risk-taking type of individual?

If you are then ready to invest, you need to find out your risk levels and then start educating yourself on this subject by reading some of the many resources that are available online or in print. I can answer specific questions if need be.

Good luck in managing your finances. It is a fun and fascinating field with many long term additions to your life.