Let’s Talk Allowances with Sugar Daddies

By BelleC

Jun 20, 2017

Putting Salt and Splenda aside, many Daddies in the Bowl tend to be of the ‘allowance giving’ or ‘spoil-her’ persuasions. I’ve done some digging on this topic and interviewed several Daddies, both seasoned and newbies. They were more than happy to share their experiences – the good and the bad. Here is what I found when I sat down to talk allowances with Sugar Daddies.


While SeekingArrangement has a firm no escorts policy, these working girls do slip through occasionally and cause havoc in the Bowl for those who are seeking genuine Sugar Relationships. While some men on SeekingArrangement do like to get right down to “business,” the real Daddies who are looking for longer-term Sugar prefer to get to know a potential Baby. Often, that’s when you can tell if you’ve found the real deal. This kind of Daddy wants to know you and what makes you tick. And most are definitely against discussing allowance or gifting terms right off the bat.


Step into the POT’s shoes for a moment… Imagine you’ve met your dream girl. She’s beautiful, smart, fun – everything you desire. You’re winding up your first coffee, lunch or dinner together. Everything clicks between the two of you. Then, you begin discussing financial needs. Come on girl – that is sooo tacky! Without a doubt, every Daddy I interviewed said they really do not care for the transactional nature of Sugar Relationships. Does that mean they don’t understand what Sugaring is all about? Of course not.

Every Daddy I spoke to was interested in taking care of their ideal Sugar Baby. What they all had in common, though, was a need to be genuinely desired – not for their money, but for who they are as people. Feeling wanted is an inherent need in most everyone, and Sugar Daddies have feelings too. Before you start counting the cha-ching and the bling, give your POT the gift of class by being a lady who shows genuine interest in HIM.


If you’re lucky enough to find a Sugar Daddy who is willing to start you off with a traditional allowance, DON’T BLOW IT! Daddies I talked to described being duped out of thousands of dollars because they put their trust in a bad Sugar Baby. Here’s what one Daddy told me:

“When I first became an SD, allowances were just about the only way to go. And I agreed. I ended up getting fleeced for over $5K (total) by multiple Sugar Babies. But paying an allowance seemed to lead to a poor experience for me. So, I tried a weekly allowance (1/4th of the monthly allowance) towards the start of each month. Yet again, SBs would flake, ask for more money at or during the date, ghost me, claim to be busy and ask to reschedule, or simply act uninterested. At the end of the day, the simple reason that Sugar Daddies prefer to spoil is due to poor actions from Sugar Babies. Not that all Sugar Babies are bad – But there are enough bad ones that poison the well for everyone else, and they can end up hurting others in the Bowl.”


Most Sugar Daddies are very busy guys who enjoy having Sugar Relationships for a variety of reasons. Some prefer an NSA friendship for its drama-free dynamic, others don’t have the time to devote to a traditional relationship, and still others genuinely want a Baby on whom they can dote, spoil and mentor.

Several Sugar Daddies have told me that they’re looking for Babies who simply want to be introduced to a more exciting and sophisticated lifestyle. They want a travel companion – someone who enjoys fine restaurants, going sailing, skiing, and other adventurous activities. These Daddies tell me they simply want to share the finer things in life with an appreciative Sugar Baby. This form of gifting from a Sugar Daddy can open a whole new world of fun and excitement, while the mentorship offered can be invaluable in furthering your goals.


Whether it’s derived from an allowance, PPMs, lavish gifts, or simply being spoiled with wonderful dates and new experiences, good chemistry and a genuine connection are key to a lasting Sugar Relationship. Sugar, in all its wonderful forms, can provide opportunity and exposure to things that a Sugar Baby may not otherwise experience.

If you’re fortunate enough to find a Daddy who wants to show you that he cares, be a good Baby in return. Keep your promises, appreciate the generosity of his time, and spoil him back!