Living Well Without a Sugar Daddy

By Heather P

Mar 03, 2017

One of the worst things that could happen to a Sugar Baby is the loss of her Sugar Daddy. Maybe you both just agreed to go in separate directions? Maybe things went from sweet to sour? Read these tips for living well without a Sugar Daddy.

Budget Like a Boss

Now that you probably lost a chunk of income, you have to cut down on expenses. Make sure your most important and essential bills are paid. Find cheaper substitutes for things that you usually splurge on. For example, I had a personal trainer when I was in my last arrangement. When it ended, I had to opt for a membership at a local gym. Also, if you need a spa day, try finding deals for a local spa by using apps like Groupon instead of going to the Mandarin Oriental. You’ll still get great treatments without breaking the bank!

Keep Yourself Busy

Being in arrangement requires investing a lot of emotional attention in your Sugar Daddy. Sometimes you may feel like you need to fill a void when you’re not Sugaring or giving emotions to a significant other. Take some time to catch up on work, school and just life in general. Find a new hobby or perfect a skill. Keep yourself busy until you’re ready to meet a new Sugar Daddy.

Invest in Yourself

Focus on school, work or getting a profitable skill/trade. Overall, increasing your education and work ethic would increase your income in the long term and make you appear a lot more appealing to a potential Sugar Daddy. What Sugar Daddy doesn’t love a hustler?

Mind, Soul and Body

Even though you’re probably balling on a lower budget, you should use some free time to catch up on more hours in the gym. Have a day or two a week where you and your friends all work out together. It’s great to have gym buddies! You’ll be motivated by your friends and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. Another great thing to do is read a few motivational or business books. Your knowledge will grow and you’ll have more things to talk about with a Potential Sugar Daddy.


Invest some of your savings in a new luxury item. It’s not the same feeling as getting a new gift from Daddy but you’ll feel good about having something new. You deserve it! That new Gucci Hobo bag is calling your name. Go ahead and enjoy it. If you’re lucky enough to cross paths with your former Daddy, he’ll see that you really don’t need him (even if you kinda do!).