Make Shopping Fun for Your Sugar Daddy

By Victoria Naples

May 22, 2017

When you have a generous Sugar Daddy, it can be hard to believe that he’s taking you on a shopping spree.  You are probably so used to being on a budget that it can be overwhelming to be able to choose just about anything from the store and have it be yours. You might find yourself so engrossed in the process of shopping that you neglect to give your daddy your full attention.  The way to avoid this is to include your daddy in the decision-making process so that he has fun, and feels appreciated. An appreciate benefactor inclines him to take you out again! So it is in your best interest to make shopping fun for you Sugar Daddy.

A Penny For His Thoughts

When you are at the fragrance counter, go ahead and ask his opinion about the scents.  It’ll do you no good to wear a scent he despises . He’ll be the one smelling them on you, after all! Involving him in the browsing demonstrates respect. It will make things more enjoyable for him.  Just think about all the fun you two can have with a little scratch and sniff.  Remember that older gentlemen prefer classic scents (most often florals) rather than the fruity or sugary scents that are on-trend right now.  You two can also explore scent layering, which is very en vogue.

Model Your New Wardrobe

When your Daddy takes you to the high end department store, he’ll spend a lot of time following you around while you size up the merchandise . And even more time standing around while you try on shirts, dresses and lingerie.  You can make the experience more enticing to him if you put on a fashion show for his eyes only afterwards.  He will enjoy seeing where his money is going, and you will have an opportunity to see how the garments actually look in a spot that is less confined than a fitting room. Just avoid the age-old question, “Does this make my butt look big?”  When he gives you a compliment, recognize it as the sincere form of flattery that it is.

Make Your Purchases Special

Shoes are a girl’s best friend. Whether they have red bottoms or are a pair of boots, we love showing them off to everyone from our friends to our SDs. However, men see the functional side of shoes: they go out of style, they get worn out, and you can only wear one pair at a time. Jewelry, on the other hand, is forever – and every man knows this.  If you want to be treated like a queen, then act like one. No royal highness ever wished for a pair of heels.  Jewelry is more sophisticated and is as good as gold in the bank.  And men understand that jewelry communicates a sort of intimacy and commitment between two people.  You can assign a special sort of value to a piece of jewelry your Daddy buys you by stating how it symbolizes the start of something meaningful, or that you will think of him whenever you wear it.

Stroke His Ego

Long time Sugar Babies know there are only so many watches you need. You can only wear so many shades of makeup. Even spa treatments can get mundane.  So if your Daddy is willing, then why not let him splurge on lifestyle items? There’s little point in buying handbag after handbag when you have a whole house that needs attention.  Be practical every once in a while and go for the new dishwasher. Check out the new living room set, or the new water heater.  Is your car a little worse for wear? Those things add up!  It will strengthen your relationship with your Daddy if he helps you out with more than just looking pretty.  A shopping spree to Home Depot may very well be a dream for your Daddy. He’ll be able to show his more masculine side.