Why Are There So Many Salt Daddies?

By Malia

Apr 23, 2017

Once your Sugar Baby profile is on display, you automatically reach a wider range of individuals. As your sugar profile exposure increase so does junk solicitation – and no, not that kind of “junk.” You might find yourself asking ‘Why are there so many Salt Daddies?’ in the sugar bowl. Shady individuals find greater success by targeting newbies. Copying and pasting messages can be a highly lucrative proposition scheme. It only takes one gullible person to respond in order to make a profitable day, so why not attempt to take advantage of the system? We live in an opportunistic world filled with scam, delusion and self entitlement. Sugar Lifestyle is just one more aspect of life.


When anything is found to be desirable, people from all walks of life want to check it out and experiment. This applies to both a true sugar daddy with financial means or to the man who has the intent to become a Sugar Daddy. Let’s make an analogy to illustrate this idea.

How many people, do you think, go window shopping for luxury goodies?

One fine day, a person goes from window shopping on the outside to walking into the store. Let’s say it is a Louis Vuitton store. This person wants to get a closer look and see how the purse feels. She can’t afford to buy it, but that doesn’t prevent her from going into the store anyways. On that day, she may even wear nicer clothes and put herself together to fit in and be more well received by a saleswoman.

Walking around the store, there will be people barely touching the purses, others opening all compartments to exam details, trying the bags on their shoulders, or even swiping a credit card to take one home to play pretend a bit longer. On the next day some may return to the store for a refund before the actual credit card bill hits in real life and they move onto the next store of desirable goods.

Well, in the Sugar Bowl, Sugar Babies are the coveted Louis Vuitton bags. A potential sugar daddy may not be in the lifestyle for real, but he may want to look, touch, experiment and even take you home.

What is a Sugar Baby to do?

While a purse has no input on a person’s decision to pursue a pretend experience, a Potential Sugar Baby has to act beyond purely being portrayed as an object of desire. As a SB you have equal say in participating or not in these experiences. Common sense must prevail over any illusion. The Sugar Lifestyle is about discussing, agreeing in real terms, consenting and finding ways to make real, fun and rewarding connections.

Would you let any man drooling over you just take you home and play in whatever he wants to do with you? If you don’t let that happen out of the Sugar Bowl, then don’t let it happen in either. Think through your actions and determine if you are attracting salt daddies or expecting the world to bow at your presence. Beware of people and surroundings. Santa doesn’t bring a sleigh of gifts next week if you become his toy this evening. Old men don’t walk around handing out cash to every self proclaimed Sugar Baby just because she signed up for Seeking Arrangement.


Take Corrective Actions

Some men mistakenly assume Seeking Arrangement is the pump and dump place to be. Some women mistakenly assume it is as the rich Red Cross way of rescue. If each side continues to navigate with ulterior motives and instant gratification in mind, nothing good can come of things. What is missing in this picture?

Consciousness. Intent. Blunt conversation. Sweet arrangements come when a sweet baby and a sweet daddy match each other. If one of the parts doesn’t come with sugary intent, three things can be done:

Leave the salty daddy in the sea of undesirable POTs
Educate the salty party on proper ways to be sweet
Demand respect and do not accept saltiness.

Uninformed behavior and unpreparedness are culprits of salt. Try to read extensively about the Sugar Lifestyle. There is a wealth of blogs written by experienced Sugars here at Let’s Talk Sugar. Most saltiness can be prevented with caution and study. An alternative answer of why there are so many Salty Daddies is because there are so many newbie Sugar Babies bending over backwards to accommodate them.

Wake up Newbies – Both Babies and Daddies!

We cannot change the world but we can change the way we see and interact with it. Salt is not specifically aimed at the Sugar Bowl or Seeking Arrangement. SA just happens to be one more outlet for scammers to come and recruit.

Let me make some final analogies here. Do you think e-mail is salty? E-mail is filled with people appointing you as an heiress of unknown rich relatives, mentoring opportunities to become wealthy by working 15 minutes a day, promises of slimming in a blink without exercising or moderation, plastic surgery out of a jar, degrees without going to college… Somehow, we all become a pro filtering out these salty messages in order to use e-mail. As you go back to SeekingArrangement inbox, treat it accordingly. Apply your active mental filter, instead of chasing every message. By using the same common sense that you use to filter salt out of non-sugar-bowl-life, you can filter out the salt in the sugar bowl and get on your way to enjoying the sweet life.