Money 101: The Right Assets

By S_charm_NY_drive

Sep 19, 2016

I’m a sucker for a really good bottle of wine, I live to travel, and frankly, I like shoes. Actually, let me rephrase that. I love shoes. I’m pretty sure a pair of Tom Ford’s officially sold me on the whole idea of Sugar dating. Two things are certain from my time in the Sugar Bowl; most arrangements come to an end, but my love of really nice, expensive things will not.

Knowing what was at risk, I did some serious research on how people make money with money. I knew that there had to be a way to keep my Sugar money working for me. I came back to the thing that Sugar Babies do best; working our assets. Here’s my first installment of my “Money 101” series, where I share my best insights and financial practices for the modern Sugar Baby. Welcome to Money 101: The Right Assets. Class is in session!

What’s an asset?

Ok, so in this case I don’t mean the way your legs look in sky-high Louboutin heels. Think of an asset as another form of a Sugar Daddy. The relationship must be beneficial for both. Meaning if the asset isn’t supporting you financially, it’s not a good asset. And like a good Sugar Daddy, if it’s requiring you to pay into it regularly, it isn’t an asset at all.

Assets can be broken down into 3 main categories; stocks, real estate and businesses. If this sounds scary or complicated, don’t worry. It’s not. If you can figure out how to work an iPhone, you’ll be fine. Stick with me.

What makes a good asset?

An asset has one job, to make money for you. Just like Sugaring, you should expect monthly or annual payments. Each payment is a checkpoint to make sure that your asset is doing what it’s supposed to. Don’t play the long game, save that one for the love of your life. Make your money work. A good asset is one that works for you, and one that you believe in.

How do I choose an asset?

Each investment option has good and bad points and no one option is without risk. Start by learning a little about each one before you commit. Think of this as a first date. You may even want to try a little bit of each one before committing to a strategy. Once you learn about each style of asset and maybe talking to a Sugar Daddy about it, choose the one that interests you the most. Investing in assets should be somewhat fun. The more fun it is, the more likely you’ll be to do your research and become a savvy Sugar investor.