Non-Cash Varieties Of Sugar

By Sunny

Apr 14, 2016

A monthly cash allowance is the gold standard of Sugar. It’s what most of us are looking for when browsing SeekingArrangement. While gifts, trips and dinners are wonderful, in general, I think most SBs agree that cash is best – you can’t pay your rent with Jimmy Choo’s. There are lots of non-cash varieties of Sugar that can be just as sweet as cash, so depending on your goals, here are some options you might want to consider.


Sometimes an SD expresses interest in a travel partner on his profile. If you are the lucky girl, you can look forward to being whisked away and enjoying luxury hotels, resorts and villas. Traveling with your SD is like taking a gap year abroad, but with less hostels and more 5-star hotels. Many SD’s looking for a travel partner will throw in an added stipend for shopping or incidentals, but the experience can be just as rich without.

The key is to only travel with SD’s you love being around and fully trust. You’ll need to be able to enjoy 12-hour flights together and be assertive enough to ask for your own space and time when necessary.  

Wardrobe Upgrades

For Babies who might be interested in a career in fashion—maybe as bloggers or stylists—having an extensive high-end wardrobe can help you look and act the part. Jewelry and high-end purses also have a great resale value and can be a smart investment as long as you do your homework. Birkin bags, for example, have a resale value better than gold since they appreciate with age. Next time you see a photo of an SB in front of her closet full of designer goods, try to think of it as the SB equivalent to gold in a vault.

Paying Off Debt

Lots of Sugar Babies are college students and, in the U.S. especially, student loan debt can be crippling. A Daddy who offers to take on the immense responsibility of credit card or school loan debt definitely isn’t salt! What he’s offering is much more valuable than just an envelope of cash. As a man of means, he knows that there is no freedom like financial freedom. Helping to raise your credit score gives you more options in the future when it comes time to strike out on your own. The same goes for tuition; not being strapped with student loan debt takes considerable weight from your shoulders and will help make that transition from school to the workforce a lot less stressful.

Financial Investments

The old proverb: if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. But if you teach him to fish, he’ll be set for life.’ When an SD teaches his Baby to make money with her money, he’s teaching her to fish. This type of Sugar should be given in addition to an allowance. Make sure you only do this with an SD you trust and who has shown you that he is financially savvy enough to pull this off. You don’t want a gambler. Done correctly this can be a huge gesture of goodwill, it means your SD cares that you’re able to do well in the future and are still taken care of even after the arrangement potentially ends.