Part Time Jobs for Sugar Babies

By Zenya Rose

Jul 29, 2017

We have all fallen into a Sugar slump time and time again. The POTS aren’t rolling in like they used to. Despite updating your profile regularly and playing phone tag, things just aren’t going your way. No worries, Sugar, here are some part-time jobs for sugar babies when Sugaring isn’t paying the bills.


People truly undervalue the skills involved in being part of a retail team. Especially the higher in management you get, the more leadership skills you build. Finding a part-time job at a Joseph A Bank or Steve Madden can put you right where you need to be in order to meet the Daddy of your dreams. Dress professionally, keep your hair and makeup clean and simple, and most importantly network! Staying up to date on the latest trends and a joy to be around are things you should pride yourself on. You may find yourself getting elevated from sales associate to Daddy’s personal shopper.


Restaurants need so much more than just servers and dishwashers. Being a hostess makes you the face of the business and the first pretty face a POT sees when he walks in. Are you over 21? Bartending is a skill that only requires a few classes before you’re qualified. Impress that handsome man at the bar with an old fashioned and strike up a conversation.


What is your passion? Do you love to travel or write? Sharpen your talents by writing for Let’s Talk Sugar! If you’re a little shy about your lifestyle you can write about more vanilla topics. Put yourself in new spaces to get material. Even if no one is reading your blog at first, finding a subject to immerse yourself in is always impressive. Create an Instagram solely to showcase your work and build a following. How after have you been asked “What do you do for fun?” and lacked a real answer. Become multifaceted.


One of the best ways to meet new people you vibe with is to volunteer. What pulls at your heartstrings ? Is it animals? Empowering women? Helping children in need? Working for a real cause that speaks to you will make you feel good about yourself. As well as introduce you to people who are moved by the same thing. Imagine meeting a Sugar Daddy who loves fostering puppies as much as you do! Swoon!


If he has plans to be a family man or if he has kids himself, a motherly instinct is a definite turn on for this Sugar Daddy. Working with kids is the ultimate way to show that you are patient, caring, and nurturing. Let’s be honest, kids are an unmatched test of endurance. They can go from the bane of your existence to the sweetest little humans you’ve ever met. It takes an unmatched level of compassion to deal with them on a regular basis and a Sugar Daddy will be impressed that you do!

Don’t let downtime in the Sugar Bowl leave you feeling worse for wear. Utilize your free time to develop some hobbies that translate well into the Sugar world. These skills will market yourself to some POTs both on SeekingArrangement and in real life.