Romance vs. Resources: The Sugar Daddy Equation

By Emmy Adair

Sep 17, 2016

I’ve gotten painful scars from losing my heart in the Sugar Bowl. I’ve put my emotions into arrangements that did not provide the financial help I needed. And I was always left wondering: How can love hold such a powerful influence on an arrangement that is supposed to be mutually beneficial? I slowly began to recognize that while all Sugar Babies have finances on their mind, not everyone gives the same importance to them.

For instance, there are women who are more romantic-minded in Sugaring. These are women who search for a man with resources but ultimately only consider candidates who can physically and emotionally intrigue them. A pragmatic woman, however, will only be concerned with two factors: Is the potential Daddy generous? And is he, at the very least, bearable? There are reasons why I believe that the latter mentality is a sensible one to have. But first, let’s discuss my take on romance vs. resources: the Sugar Daddy equation.

The Pitfalls of Being a Romantic in the Sugar Bowl

I completely understand the women who search for romance with their Sugar. They are being sagacious with their hearts. What if they were to find a man in the Sugar Bowl with whom they were deeply compatible? The drive to find this man is nearly universal because we all seem to be searching for a man whom we could potentially love.

The romantic SB simply wants to be happy in the long run. After all, isn’t it self-deception to spend time with a man who doesn’t give you shivers? And if you feel like you are feigning passion with him, wouldn’t you be deceiving him, as well?

This mentality leads the romantics towards potential Daddies who are on caliber or higher. These men should have decent figures, be socially intelligent, and have many interesting things to say. They should be within a limited age group and be able to arouse her. Because of this, the romantic girl’s pool of potential partners shrinks and it may take a long time to find someone suitable.

This, however, is not the only drawback of a selective mindset. A surprising thing may happen after she finally finds a Daddy who meets her criteria. Let’s say that her man is a catch. He is handsome, smart, adventurous, and she is crazy about him. She then assumes that the Sugar part of the relationship will come naturally. She is willing to do anything for a man like him and she knows that he will see her devotion and reward her in a corresponding manner.

Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Although their relationship is very good, she may notice that her Daddy is not very generous towards her, or simply can’t commit. Even if he does respond to her requests, he may never seem to go out of his way to pamper her. Time goes on and things only get worse for her situation. Eventually he may even stop responding to her specific requests. What happened to the perfect Sugar arrangement with the perfect man that she’d imagined? The answer is simple and can be learned far before the relationship begins.

The Formula

This is an equation that can be used to immediately gauge how sweet a potential relationship will be. Your worth in a Daddy’s eyes = How generous he will be to you. This means that the most generous Daddies are the ones who view your assets as being more valuable than his money. If he puts you on a pedestal, he will be more likely to share his resources with you.

How It Works in the Real World

While this formula could obviously have some exceptions, I think that it gives a Sugar Baby their best chance for success in the Sugar Bowl. The higher that you are and the lower that he is on a desirability scale, the more generous he will be to you. This is because he believes that he has to devote extra resources in order to deserve you. Because you are more desirable than him, he knows that he must take good measure to keep you from walking away with a man who is closer to your level. On the other hand, the closer that a man and woman’s attractiveness is to being equal, the less generous that he will be. Even if it seems like he loves you, he will not feel the need to go out of his way to impress you with extra money or anything else.

He feels like his good company is your reward- or rather, since you are both at the same level of attractiveness, you are already trading equally by merely being in a relationship with each other. This is the product of the following idea: Men feel entitled to women who are at least as attractive as they are. If a man feels entitled to a woman, he will not feel the impulse to spend money or time to keep her!

What’s Love Got to Do With It

When a woman searches for love, she unwittingly turns this formula of generosity upside-down. Prince Charming is not low on the desirability scale, after all. He is at her level or higher.

Once she has equaled the playing field by finding a Daddy who is at her level, she has also decreased her chances of getting the very thing that Sugar Babies are hoping for: significant financial support. Ultimately, a Sugar Baby must make choices about what she is looking for in an arrangement.

The Best Strategy for Finding a Generous Daddy

The easiest way to find a generous Daddy is this: Allow yourself to date older, plain-looking, or socially-awkward men. Date the men who would let you get away with almost anything; the men who have a bungee cord ready if you ever try to jump from the high pedestal they put you on. Don’t date the Daddies you worship, date the daddies who worship you and you will get Sugar. And don’t worry about the rest. If you can tolerate him and he likes you the way you are, then it is a great arrangement. Simply be patient and admire the love that he has for you. Your fondness for him will grow.

Find the Man Who Makes You a Goddess

The men who worship and love you are the men who will stretch their limits and their wallets for you. If you can resist, delay your search for Prince Charming in the Sugar Bowl. The most generous Daddies may be less desirable, but if you’re looking for a stable arrangement, keep your eyes on the men who can’t take their eyes off of you.