Safe Ways to Receive Your Sugar

By Joey

Nov 23, 2016

When I first entered the bowl a couple years back, one of my main concerns was safety. Not just when it came to physical safety, but personal safety as well. I’ve heard time and time again how important it is to keep your Sugar life separate to your personal life.

When you’ve weeded out all the POT’s and finally locked in a Sugar Daddy, then comes the sweet part–the funds. At the beginning, the saying “show me the money” kept playing in my head whenever I would get a notification of a message in my Seeking Arrangement inbox.

Before actually receiving your funds, it’s important that you both come to a mutual agreement on not only an amount, but the way you will be receiving it. Here are some safe ways to receive your sugar.

Say No to Bank Transfers

Personally, I steer clear of this form of transferring funds and never recommend this to any SB, for security purposes.

Day after day, I cannot tell you how many new Sugar Babies fall victim to what I call the “newbie trap”. After having your account on a SA not even two days, you receive a message or two from a “Salt Daddy.”

They usually will jump into talking about an arrangement quickly, while making a promise to send funds fairly soon. They then will ask for your banking information, typically your routing number, along with your full name. Once you send them the information, they come up with a lame excuse as to why they can’t send the funds and ask for more information. Lately, they have been attempting a mobile banking scheme.

Ladies, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ever send your personal banking information to someone you do not know. This includes your mobile login information.

If your Daddy insists on a bank transfer or a mobile deposit, take that as a red flag and try offering him some of the following options instead.


This form of receiving Sugar has its pro’s and con’s, as does every way of sending and receiving funds. Most Sugar Daddies stay clear of this form of transferring funds due to the amount of personal information involved, though some do not mind.

It may be the easier option to just receive a check, take a photo, and soon enough the funds will be “available.” That being said, be weary of Salt Daddies and bad checks. Depositing a bad check and using the funds can result in fees, loss, and the spending of your own money, which is not the point.

Some financial institutions do charge a small fee when cashing checks, which most Sugar Babies would be opposed to. However, there is one way to get around this, while also ensuring the authentication of the check.

Anytime I receive a check from a person or company I’m not too familiar with, I take the check into the issuing bank to cash it. This not only gets you around any fees, but will help clear up any suspicions about that check.

Money Order

Typically, money orders are used for bills, but I have actually received a money order as a gift from a POT.

This form of currency is a pretty secure. When you purchase a money order, you are using cash, a guaranteed form of payment. The buyer is also paying for the additional fees upon purchase, which eliminates companies tapping into your Sugar funds.

When it comes to cashing money orders, there are many options available. You can cash it at your bank, customer service desk at a local grocery or convenient store, the post office, or a check cashing store.

Venmo Vs. PayPal

If you have a tech savvy SD, this may be more convenient for the both of you. Personally, I find that this is the safest and easiest way I receive my Sugar funds.

Receiving funds from a SD through Venmo or Paypal is safer because I never have to give out any personal information. All the person sending the money needs is the email address associated with my account or telephone number.

Venmo may be good for me, and Paypal for somebody else, or vice versa. To help everyone out, has provided a comparison of the two.

Let's Talk Sugar- Show Me the Money

Prepaid Gift Cards

I’ve never received funds using this method, but I have Sugar Sisters that have. Sugar Daddies are very busy, so I can see why they may use this method.

Pre-paid gift cards are easily accessible and leave less of a trace, which is good thing if your SD requires discretion in your relationship.

The good thing about this method is, companies such as American Express let you load up to $3,000 onto one prepaid card.

Whichever method you prefer, be sure you are also keeping your personal information safe. Sugaring is fun and rewarding, but always play it safe and use your best judgment. Happy Sugaring!