Salt Daddies

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

Salt refers to more than just a condiment on food. If you’ve been following social media sites like Tumblr or Instagram, you’ve seen the word floating around quite a bit. Salt is it’s own label in the Sugar world used to describe a particular kind of Daddy you can meet. A Salt Daddy is anyone who fakes being generous to get girls on the site to talk to them. SeekingArrangement has some of the hottest girls in the dating pool, so it’s no wonder the Salty bees are attracted to our honey.

A Salt Daddy is also someone who’s not willing to gift and spoil, but pretends he will just to get in your pants. Men who lie about how much they make because they think it will entice girls are also pretty salty. Essentially, a Salt Daddy tries to convince you he’ll do things he never had any intention of doing. Just as salt and sugar look identical, a Sugar Daddy and a Salt Daddy can start out looking the same.

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to the dreaded Salt Daddy. Some girls think a Salt Daddy is anyone who doesn’t want to give an allowance. This does not make him a Salt Daddy. Only about half of Sugar Daddies are willing to foot the bill for an allowance. The other ones just want to spoil you, be it gifts, trips, dinners, and lavish dates. Just because someone doesn’t want the relationship to feel transactional with a monthly allowance doesn’t mean he’s salty.

The next misconception is that men who are looking for marriage and long term relationships are Salt Daddies. Men enjoy the mutually beneficial lifestyle for different reasons. Most are too busy with building success that they cannot commit to being an attentive, morning texter type boyfriend. For many women on the site, ideally they are looking for a long term situation where they’re a live-in girlfriend or Sugar Baby. Just remember that if he’s not looking for your brand of Sugar, he’s not necessarily salt.

The final misconception is that income determines level of spoiling. More often than not, men with the highest incomes tend to be more guarded or stingy with whom they share their fortune with. So do not discredit the guy making $300,000 who is willing to give you all that he can to keep you smiling.

A good way to find out if you could potentially be dealing with a Salt Daddy is to gauge his reactions or responses to your requests. Does he make excuses for why he doesn’t want to buy you something or take you somewhere? Does he ask for photos but not offer anything in return? Most Sugar Daddies have an understanding that the Sugar Babies they are meeting have high expectations. As a Sugar Baby, never feel like you have to settle. If you expectations are as high as your Louboutins, that’s okay. Afterall, good eye candy isn’t cheap.