Salvaging A Splenda or Salt Daddy Experience

By Missy Dee

Mar 14, 2016

Let’s face it: even the most experienced Sugar Babies can find themselves entertaining a Splenda or Salt Daddy. These men are nowhere near what you want out of a Sugar Daddy, but somehow, you end up on dates with them. In the back of your mind, you are trying to think of the best way to make the most of this dead-end experience, but you’re drawing a blank. Dating the wrong man can make you feel like you’ve lost your most precious resource: time.

However, Salt and Splenda Daddies DO NOT have to be complete wastes of time. I repeat: an experience with a Salt or Splenda Daddy can be valuable, and, if you’re smart, you will ALWAYS get more from them than they get from you. Here’s a quick guide to salvaging an experience with Mr. Salt or Sir Splenda.


Make an effort to always go somewhere up-scale when meeting with any POT. Never settle for cheap dates until he feels satisfied that you two have “chemistry”. The cheaper the initial experience, the cheaper he will think he can be with you and he’ll continue to set the bar low. Even if you go for coffee, make sure it’s a nice place, with good ambiance. No busy, tacky coffee shops: aim for an elegant experience. Cheapness and a lack of sophisticated taste are always red flags indicating he may be a Salt or Splenda Daddy. Make sure you set the bar high enough to make it worth your while.


Nothing is worse than finding out you’ve slept with a cheap, stingy man who has no plans of being generous with you. Sex is POWER. Never hand over your power before you get something of value FIRST. Intimacy should only come when you’re comfortable with the relationship and are confident that he will stick to the arrangement as agreed.


Every time you meet up with  a Salt or Splenda Daddy after the first date, focus the conversation on your life goals. Ask his advice, have him clarify something for you, get his input. Keep the conversation centered around a topic that matters to YOU, and getting information that you can use to be independent. My current Daddy is on the Splenda spectrum, but I have asked him about business ideas, purchasing investment properties, travel, and so on. Anytime we talk, I ask him something that directly affects my future and my goals. I’m careful to make it conversational rather than an interrogation.

Remember that a good Sugar Daddy will be eager to answer your questions and help you reach your goals. Salt and Splenda Daddies are eager to give up information because they think they’re going to get what they want without having to part with their money. Just try to get your questions answered and know that knowledge is priceless, and it’s the one thing that no Daddy can take away from you. The best way to get even with a stingy Daddy is to take his advice and use it to enrich yourself!


Ideally, each date with a Sugar Daddy brings you two closer together. The game is a little different with Salt and Splenda Daddies: instead of closeness, you should aim for creating new experiences for your own enrichment. Don’t eat at the same old restaurants or going to the same old places. Every new life experience gives you fresh perspective and makes you more interesting (and a better Baby for a REAL Sugar Daddy).
Aside from getting the most out of Salt and Splenda dates, remember that these kind of arrangements shouldn’t dominate your schedule. Continue searching for the kind of Daddy that you want and don’t get attached to Salt or Splenda Daddies.

Any other tips on salvaging a Splenda or Salt Daddy experience?