Sexy Date Ideas

By Lexie

Mar 11, 2017

If you’re looking for a sexy date idea for a night with your Sugar Daddy and want something different, there are some very fun activities you two can partake in. Branching out and trying new things is great for both of you. It keeps the spark alive and makes things exciting. If you want to spice things up (and end the night feeling sexier than ever!) then consider these fun date night ideas.

For the Artsy Sugar Couple

If both of you are into the arts and have an appreciation for all things artistic, then paint night would be a fantastic date idea. Sign up for a local wine and paint night where the two of you can turn a blank canvas into fabulous masterpiece in a group setting. You’ll have an instructor guiding you along the way so it’s okay if you’re not an expert painter. Paint night is a fun way for you both to express your own individual creativity and have the opportunity to socialize with others. Once your paintings are complete you two can get gelato after and go for a stroll on the town, simply enjoying the company of one another.

Make it Rain at a Strip Club

Contrary to popular belief, strip clubs are not seedy, dark, and depressing places where women are objectified. The strip club can actually be an enormous amount of fun! You best believe exotic dancers have talent and class when they work their magic on the pole. If you love loud music, beautiful women of all shapes and sizes and bar food, then a strip club date is perfect! 

Babies, be prepared to have some sexy strippers get very hot and heavy with you. You’ll likely be the one receiving all the attention. Be prepared to be mesmerized like you’ve never been before. If you want the ultimate strip club experience you, Daddy, and your favorite stripper can get a private dance in the VIP. It will certainly be an enjoyable date night for all.

Wine Tasting for Two

Going wine tasting is a classy date idea for the sophisticated Sugar couple. If you and your Sugar Daddy are wine connoisseurs, a vineyard outing is sure to be an enjoyable. The wine tasting experience is one of the senses, and you can learn the basics here. You two can cozy up in the private tasting room while enjoying the varieties of fine wines paired with crackers and cheese. The winery is a relaxing and romantic outing and can feel like you’re out on a country getaway.

What is your favorite sexy date idea?