Signs of a Sugar Daddy’s Wealth

By Jasmin

Jul 13, 2017

A lot of people who consider sugar dating get into it with the hopes of finding their prince charming to sweep them off their feet into a fairy castle with a lifetime of happiness. This is the worst perception to have. I’ve realized that a lot of times the signs of a sugar daddy’s wealth are purposely kept to an absolute minimum.

These men have mastered women and know what they require, what they need and how they want to be needed to the tee. What we as sugar babies fail to realize is that the men who brag on about their success or what they determine to be ‘true wealth’ isn’t necessarily what true wealth symbolizes.

Things are Not What They Seem

If your sugar daddy tries to impress you on the first date with the most expensive champagne, and then proceeds to continuously bring up how much he’s earning, or how many cars he has parked up in his garage, there is a huge chance that he is not as serious as you think he is.

These men take pride in having a few trophy girls on their arms just for the sake of a bit of ego stroking. They will only use you for sexual advantages and care very little for your wellbeing or what you say to them. Steer clear from these daddies if that’s not what you’re into.

The kind of men you want to attract as a long term sugar baby with the hopes of eventually progressing into something bigger are out there, but you have to do a bit of searching.

These men would very much prefer for you to feel valued and over time, you will feel as though you’re in a typical boyfriend/girlfriend relationship as opposed to a sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement. He will appreciate chivalrous behaviour and make sure you’re ok and not in harms way. He will be your mentor, your protector, your (in many cases, short-term) lover and most importantly, for your arrangements’ sake, your bank! Now, you’re probably rolling your eyes thinking that these types of sugar daddies don’t exist, but surprisingly they do.

I will list a few basic strategies that I’ve put together to attract these types of men and the signs of a sugar daddy’s true wealth.

You cannot become discouraged.

You mustn’t let the last few terrible SD experiences you’ve had dictate your chances of finding the right one.

Clean up your act.

Just like anything in life, you have to have the right attitude to attract the right things. True SD’s don’t like fake. They don’t like messy and they definitely don’t like divas. Keeping true to yourself and remaining humble is the most attractive thing to a man who is serious. Glamorizing the ‘bimbo’ culture that most SB’s tend to succumb to would only draw you to the wrong men.

Have Ambitions

No one likes a couch potato. The key to finding a successful, chivalrous man is to have your own dreams and visions and actively work hard to achieve them. Not only is this a turn on for him, but it’s you proving to yourself that having a sugar daddy doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. A real SD will see the passion for greatness in you and may even want to help you make that happen.

Don’t Be a Slut

Yes, I am slut shaming, and no, being a slut won’t help you find a suitable man. Many SB’s new to the game think there is a specific uniform needed to ‘fit in’. Big boobs, big lips, full hair, stiletto heels and a face full of makeup. Yes, it may look hot for the moment, but think of the kind of guys you want to attract. If you’re interested in guys who just want you for the nights, then that’s fair enough, otherwise, get a grip and dress with class. Sexy doesn’t have to mean provocative.

With all of this being said, the kind of sugar daddies that you attract all stems from the way you portray yourself, and last but not least, take your time with them. A lot of extremely wealthy SD’s will not reveal all within the first few times of meeting. These are usually the serious ones with big bucks.