Stretching Your Allowance Through Your Everyday Habits

By Jenna Rae

Jul 22, 2018

The allowance – the gold standard of most sugar arrangements. I am so thankful for the allowance I receive, and I am now extra cautious about where it goes. When I first joined the sugar bowl and started getting that regular stream of extra income, it was easy to feel entitled and spend freely. I found out the hard way that your everyday habits can be a huge drain on your allowance if you’re not careful. Try incorporating these tips to end up with a bit more sugar in your bank account by the end of the year.


With hundreds of choices of credit cards available, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. After lots of research, I concluded a cash back card was my best option. Since my Sugar Daddy pays for my travel, why would I need a travel rewards card? All you have to do to make money with this method is shop! Sounds great right? However, I don’t mean go out and charge up luxury goods. I mean shop as in your daily expenses – cell phone bill, groceries, gas, and all your other normal purchases. For example, let’s say you spend $2,500 per month on your credit card. If you get 1% cash back on every dollar you spend, you can make $300 per year by doing absolutely nothing. I also pay my course-by-course tuition with my credit card, so I actually make a bit of a profit by going to school!


If you’re a caffeine addict like myself, Starbucks probably loves you. Every morning, I walked across the street to scan my beloved Starbucks app to purchase my grande, half sweet, extra hot, soy milk vanilla latte for $5.72. If I went a maximum of once per day, I was spending $40.04 per week, $160.16 per month and $1,921.92 per year. Without even thinking, I had consumed the cost of my Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag. When thinking of gifts to ask Daddy for, luxury goods easily come to mind. But why not ask for something practical? A latte machine is an excellent gift idea. Stick with the $500 and up price range and you won’t be disappointed. And if your Sugar Daddy stays the night at your place, make him a latte or an espresso in the morning. You won’t have to fix your hair and makeup to run to Starbucks, and clothing is optional. Save the coffee runs for traveling, and don’t forget to pack your reusable cup.


We all need to eat, and this used to be the biggest pitfall for my allowance just because I had the means to be lazy. I would start my day at Starbucks, spend a small fortune at Whole Foods for lunch, and pick up take-out for dinner if I didn’t feel like cooking. It’s easy to see $800 + per month disappear if this is how you roll. But with a little willpower, you can save yourself a ton. It does require some effort: packing lunch for work, keeping healthy snacks in the house, learning to cook a few satisfying recipes that yield some leftovers. The key is where you shop for groceries. It’s not a secret that some grocery stores are cheaper than others. My go-to is Superstore. A few months ago they partnered with Shopper’s Drug Mart to offer the Optimum rewards program. When you shop at either Superstore or Shopper’s and scan your Optimum app, you earn a $10 store credit for every 10,000 points earned, and you can use this store credit to buy whatever you want. The app is smart – it picks up on what you buy frequently and sends you personalized offers every week. If you buy all your groceries and household items at one place, the points accumulate quickly. I choose to redeem my points on household items. Just recently, I got a whole new set of luxury bathroom towels worth $300, all purchased with points. Now I have $300 extra this year to spend on something else.


I was a member of Fitness World for 12 years before Equinox came to town. I immediately fell in love and didn’t think twice about shelling out $185 in monthly dues. About a year later, I realized that I wasn’t getting there as often as I had planned, and I was feeling the guilt. After taking a hard look at my check-in calendar, I was only averaging 10 visits per month. I had been a member of a gym since I was legal age and had adopted the mindset that it was the best way to keep fit. But between a full-time job, part-time school and constant travel with my Sugar Daddy, I needed to say goodbye to Equinox. The most ridiculous part of paying $185 in monthly dues was that I had been ignoring the fantastic amenities in my building: a big gym, pool, hot tub and sauna. I live steps to the seawall and love running. What was I thinking? Sometimes you need to take a step back and realize what you already have, be thankful, and utilize it. I now save $2,220 per year and my gym is open 24/7.

Now, imagine it’s the end of the year. Looking back, I just saved myself at least $4,741.92. How easy was that?