Stretching Your Allowance

By Malia

Oct 31, 2017
It is easy to get accustomed to a Sugar Daddy lifestyle, and forget about how life was before a sweet arrangement. Sugar relationships are by nature volatile and in the moment. So, let’s think of extending sugar allowance to the future, so times without a Sugar Daddy stay sweet.

Everyday savings can help you with your overall savings goals. Set your goal, then use little changes to achieve it. That doesn’t mean shopping at only Walmart, but living green and conserving resources, both yours and the environment.

Bottled Water

How many plastic bottles of water have you bought this year? I’ve added 24 to my carbon footprint just because of the hurricane season (you know what I mean if you live in a prone area for hurricane, earthquake or natural disaster). They are all intact, stored in my emergency preparedness stash. Aside from uncontrollable circumstances, two water bottles are all it takes entire day, year round.
I have a water bottle with filter and a stainless steel water bottle that conserve temperature for 24 hours. They save me $1-$3 per bottle of water I do not have to purchase, and a lot of plastic in the dumpster.  I take my stainless steel water bottle full with me every time I leave home, gym and malls where I can refill it with cold water. Plus, I carry my empty filter bottle as a spare on daily basis and especially when I fly or go to a special event when water is really expensive. I leave the empty bottle and lid separated to pass through security x-ray, then fill with drinking fountain water afterwards. 


Yet another separate stainless steel thermal bottle is needed here not to mix the smell and taste (and no, I don’t work for a company that makes bottles). This one goes from the K-cup machine home to the road with me. Starbucks rarely gets my business. Perhaps a fresh fruit smoothie on occasion when I do not have a weather controlled environment to use free wifi. That’s another $5 daily unspent.


Lunchboxes are not just for kids. Consider a lot of junk fast food to buy on impulse and $10 day saved daily, ok, maybe $5 since you have to take stuff from your own pantry. One doesn’t even have to cook for that, so lack of time is no excuse.
Some of my quick, no-cook lunch and snack box ideas are: Sliced apples with peanut butter, veggies such as mini carrots and cherry tomatoes with  hummus, overnight oatmeal with banana and chia seeds, home custom trail mix, nuts, cubed cheese, olives, shredded pieces of store bought rotisserie chicken, fruit and salad.
Bonus point is also keeping your girly figure. Did I mention I have yet another shake bottle? It comes with a spiral metal inside. Through in a scoop of protein powder, milk or milk substitute and shake it on your way to your car. As I write this blog, I realize I am a bottle freak!

Choosing items that are new to you, as in used or second hand, can be an excellent money saver. Many designer bags, shoes, and other things are available gently used at a fraction of the cost.

      Secondhand Clothes

Online consignment stores for high quality second hand clothing have some real gems at a fraction of price. Think leather, cashmere, little black dress and unique vintage designer pieces at maybe ⅓ of what you’d pay in store. To make it look more hip than classic, add a few red, off shoulder style and other trendy pieces from inexpensive stores to the ensemble.

Used Cars

Many people think of getting brand new cars or a lease, simply not to deal with car maintenance. But, they are a lot of money for nothing since you don’t get to keep the car after paying for it for two years. Cars are quick to depreciate in value, so they fall into the expenses portion and not on investment. Something just out of lease, about 2 to 3 years old, can be better than zero miles. These cars come out to a tad bit over half price and the first driver has worked through the initial mileage kinks of brand new cars.

Ongoing Investments

Beyond paying your bills on time and clearing through high interest debt first, set money aside as soon as you get it. The maximum amount of cash you can stash for long term investment or big purchases, the closer you are to making dreams a reality.

Saving in full to go back to school, have enough money for a down payment for your own house, open your own business, retire young, travel the world on your own  or whatever that is that is your dream, it all can begin with little cash. Just think of the $30 in bottles of water, $150 in coffee and $150 in lunch, and with some slack here and there, you should be able to stash $250/month easily with a few lifestyle changes.

Make sure to have just the exact amount for bills in your checking account and think of that as your full budget. Split a bit to savings account for unexpected expenses and put the bulk of your cash in an investment account.. You don’t have to be a high net worth individual to have an investment account. Truth is, you can start with $100.

Learn about bonds, tax-free municipals, mutual funds, stocks and build a balanced portfolio to fit your needs. This can be a great point of advice for a Sugar Daddy to offer. If you don’t have the experience to understand individual stocks, choose indexed mutual funds (that mimic for instance S&P 500) or lifecycle funds with target date for when you plan on withdrawing (example 2025  mutual fund, 2030 or 2040?)

If you are consistent in your savings and spending habits, you will always have cushion for not so sweet days.