Subscriptions: A Perfect Sugar Daddy Gift

By Delilah James

Mar 01, 2017

What do you buy someone who has it all, and also has way more money than you? You’ve probably wondered this while trying to purchase something for your Sugar Daddy. If you’re looking to surprise your Daddy with a spectacular gift he’ll actually enjoy and appreciate for more than the effort, look no further than subscriptions: a perfect Sugar Daddy gift.

Subscription boxes are really the gifts that keep on giving. And by that, we mean that your SD will get the box every month, remember how great you are, and immediately want to spoil you ever more. Plus if you waited until the last minute, you can get any of these ASAP.

The only thing you’ll have to remember is that he might not be up on the whole subscription service thing. If he doesn’t understand it perfectly, he might think it’s spam or has a catch. Lots of the box services require the user to select what he wants for the month, so if your Daddy isn’t to up on technology, maybe stick to a simpler one.

For The Sweet Daddy

Why do so many guys seem to love candy so much? If you’re dating a guy who stops the Uber at 7-11 after a gourmet dinner for some gummy bears, he’d love Candy Club. They retail for about $27 a month, and they ship a bunch of gourmet candy straight to his door in cute packaging. It’s thoughtful, easy, and is sure to bring out the kid in him.

For The Kinky Daddy

If you’ve got a man who is a wannabe Christian Grey, Pure Bliss Box is definitely the way to go. They offer two couples boxes, one that’s “naughty” and one that’s “extra naughty.” I’ve tried this box before, and it’s a blast. They come with a bunch of toys, flavored lubes, restraints, and more. They also come with cards that suggest sex games or positions. Cost: $30 a month.

For The Daddy Who Never Has Enough Clothes

There’s nothing better than dating a Daddy who likes shopping as much as you do– unless he wants to shop for himself instead of you. Urban Dapper Club is a subscription box that comes with unique ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, and other dressed up dude accessories.

For The Drinking Daddy

What is it with Sugar Daddies and whiskey? Or maybe yours prefers tequila or rum? Whatever his vice, Taster’s Club has a subscription box for that. At $85 per month, your daddy will get a new bottle each month, along with a pamphlet that teaches him more about the beverage he’s sippin’ on.

For The Carnivorous Daddy

The best thing about getting your Daddy a Carnivore Club subscription? He’ll probably let you feast on charcuterie and sausage along with him. The box is a little pricier, at $55 a month. But I mean, he’s probably technically paying for it anyways, right?

For The Boozin’ Daddy

Some daddies prefer whiskey, others prefer beer. If your current flame is a beer lover, consider getting him a membership to Craft Beer Club. For $39 a month, he’ll get a variety of craft brews from all over delivered straight to his door. Seems like a pretty good way to remind him to spoil you, doesn’t it?

For The Dancing Daddy

You don’t have to be from another era to own a record player. In fact, our generation is bringing back the vinyl trend, simply because it looks good in our apartments. If you’ve got a daddy who loves to sit back, relax, and throw a record on; then he’s sure to appreciate Vinyl Me Please. They send over a new record each month (a unique one that isn’t available in stores) plus accompanying artwork and cocktail pairing suggestions. All this for only $23 a month!