Sugar Baby Goals Part 2

By Sugar Baby Victoria

Jun 14, 2016

In Sugar Baby Goals Part 1, I shared a lot about myself, my family, and my own rocky, underprivileged childhood. By channeling my energy into positive thinking, I’ve been able to heal and set my sights on bettering my future. As Sugar Babies, we indulge in this lifestyle with hopes of making the world a brighter place for us and those around us. So, we must use the abundance of resources to achieve our dreams. In Sugar Baby Goals Part 2, I will show you to achieve this by visualizing and prioritizing.

Skip The Retail Therapy

Luxuries aren’t necessities. Coming from a very poor family, I know how tempting it is to spend your whole allowance on things you never had when you were a child – I’m talking nice clothes, fashionable shoes and expensive jewelry. Of course, retail therapy is always pleasurable, but let’s look at it this way – is that pair of Louboutins going to help pay for my education? Is that purse worth my future? There’s a fine line between being spoiled and being careless.

Spend Wisely

If you must spend, make sure to make smart purchases by prioritizing. Instead of a new designer handbag, why don’t you use that money as a downpayment for a car? Transportation is crucial for independence, especially for those Sugar Babies who don’t live in big cities with quality public transportation. Remember to shop smart, I still use coupons and shop often at thrift stores. This is a great way to save money while shopping for items that you actually need! Instead of treating yourself to a fancy dinner just because, why don’t you pay rent a little early so you can relax when the 1st of the month comes?

Saving is the Key

From big purchases to small, I alway visualize the long-term goals; tuition, down payment for a home, a savings account, etc. Whether your goal is to own property, our own business, or to travel around the world, you’ll need money to do this. When Daddy sends you your allowance, do your best to put at least half of it in savings. It’s also a good idea to visit with a banker and see what type of savings account makes the most sense for your financial situation and your goals. Different types of accounts offer different interest rates, but the bank will be able to advise you on the best decision.

My Personal Sugar Baby Goals

I work in the Real Estate media design field and a few weeks ago I saw a little house (that no one wants) in one of our folders. I thought to myself; I want it! And now, every time I have an overwhelming desire to go to the mall and splurge, I think about that tiny little house on 15 acres of land. I visualize what organic plants I will grow, I imagine my future kids running around in the backyard with their cousins when my family comes to visit. I imagine a better future for myself.  

You Can Always Do More

Wherever you are in your life, you can always achieve more and do more. Visualize where you want to be, think of yourself and your loved ones. It’s a powerful tool to set and achieve your Sugar Baby goals.