Sugar Baby Guide to Accepting Large Gifts

By Zenya Rose

Feb 22, 2017

Cars, expensive shoes, designer duds and the like have always been a perk of the Sugar lifestyle. Here is the Sugar Baby Guide to Accepting Large Gifts.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have wealthy, generous Sugar Daddies who loved to spoil me from time to time. Prior to this lifestyle, I was always the type to shy away from accepting lavish gifts. I would always feel bad or think there’s some sort of catch involved.

How much is too much?

This question pops up in my mind often. It’s not everyday that people are randomly given Givenchy dresses or Prada bags so of course it’s only natural to feel somewhat guilty when your Sugar Daddy goes out of his way for you.

Personally, I never accept gifts as large as cars or houses/apartments because 1) they require reoccurring payments, as they’re binding contracts and 2) how would I explain to my family and friends that I managed to buy a car worth £40,000 when they know that’s almost impossible at this stage?

Your gifts need to add up to what your personal lifestyle can afford as this kind of slip up can result in never ending questions.

What happens to the expensive gifts when my SD and I break up?

To the naked eye, this question seems like a no brainer.  Many people think that a gift is a gift and should be treated as so. Your Sugar Daddy gives it to you from the goodness of his heart because he wanted to give you something in exchange for your valuable time. Don’t overcomplicate things…it’s yours to keep forever!

You may feel like you should want to return the gifts once you’ve found love out of respect for your partner, which makes sense, personally  I wouldn’t do that.

How do I repay my sugar daddy after receiving such lavish gifts?

Many times before I used to wonder what I should do to show my appreciation. I’ll go out of my way to plan surprise trips for my Sugar Daddy, until I realized he’s not my boyfriend! I’m not meant to be splurging out financially on him, he’s meant to be spending on me! I mean after all; a sugar baby is a sugar baby for a reason. The sugar is the financial growth we attain having them in our lives.
As sugar babies, we need to know our place. It’s easy to get side tracked into thinking that we are more than what we are in our Sugar Daddy’s life. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are many occasions when Sugar Daddy’s fall in love with their sugar babies, but I am more casual in my encounters.

Cash or tangible items?

Money makes the world go round, ladies! Gifts are nice once in a while, but what’s better than £2000 deposited into your account every now again?  Many Sugar Babies actually have daddies for a few months-two years on average before one of them gives up the exciting lifestyle. Usually, gifts of sentiment require the parties involved to be quite close and know what the other person likes/dislikes and so on, money is easier to handle, easier to accept and doesn’t raise eyebrows as much.