Sugar Baby Summer Reading List

By Missy Dee

May 06, 2016

Keeping your mind sharp is crucial to maintaining an interesting, fulfilling relationship with a Sugar Daddy. Not only will being a well-read Sugar Baby be attractive to Daddy, but it will also help you grow as a person and that’s always a good thing. Here is a list of books that I’ve found helpful while navigating the Sugar world.

How to Meet the Rich for Business, Friendship or Romance by Ginie Sayles

This book features instructions for understanding wealthy men as well as self-improvement advice that will help you become the kind of Baby that appeals to your ideal Daddy. You can approach your quest to meet wealthy men from either a business, friendship or romantic angle. No matter how you meet them, you can always turn the relationship into what you want it to be, by using Sayles’ excellent advice.

Principles of Marketing, 12th Edition by Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong

A textbook recommendation? Yes! I selected this marketing textbook because it is inexpensive and the information is well-organized. At the end of each chapter, there is a summary section that gives you all of the crucial need to know information. By previewing these summary sections, you can easily identify which chapters you should read in depth and which chapters to skip. Start thinking of yourself as a brand and you will easily be able to apply the concepts detailed in this text. Pay close attention to the chapter about consumer behavior, in this case the consumer is your Sugar Daddy.

Manifest Your Destiny: The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything That You Want by Dr. Wayne Dyer

No Sugar Baby can succeed unless she has a strong sense of self and a healthy attitude. Dr. Dyer’s books are all great for helping you to improve your spiritual and emotional health, but this one is especially applicable to Sugar Babies that want to attract the best Daddies out there. This is a new age/spirituality book, so those that are opposed to spiritual teaching may want to skip this. Dr. Dyer excels at helping others discover their worth and live amazing lifestyles of their own creation. The fifth principle listed in the book, Honoring Your Worthiness to Receive, is great for reminding you that you can and should have the things that you desire. This is the perfect chapter to re-read when you are having a tough time in the Sugar Bowl.
The beauty of these books is that the information will not create a bunch of carbon copy Babies, all trying the same moves on POTs. Your result will be as unique as you are, yet you’ll be better prepared to meet, charm and keep a generous Sugar Daddy of your choosing.