Sugar Boss Baby in Business

By Mina Cigar

Aug 12, 2017

In any industry, there are many components and variables to to be considered when conducting business. Although debatable, sugaring is very much aligned with a particular industry that comes along with a stigma from outside the Sugar Bowl society. If have made the decision to Sugar, whether be for income, lifestyle, or both, you must decide how you will conduct business and stand your Sugar Boss ground.  

Sustainable Sugar v Short-Serm Sweet Tooth

You receive money from Sugaring, what do you plan to do with it? Are you trying to leverage the cost of school? Are you saving to meet a specific financial goal? Is this subsidiary cash flow until your promotion or is Sugaring your career and main source on income? Answering these questions will help you determine what type of business you are going to conduct. If you plan on doing this for the long run, I would recommend writing a business plan. The number one rule of entering this industry is having an exit plan. 

Ego v Marketplace

“Mistress, know thyself! Sell while you can, and at fair trade for you were not made for all markets.” -William Shakespeare, “As you Like It “

Sugaring is similar to running your own business and requires some market research.

Let’s start with where you are geographically located. What is the cost of living, how much does the average business-man make and how much competition do you have?  Use this research to determine your asking allowance amount. It is so important to be realistic here.  Ego in any business, especially in sugaring, runs the risk of failure if you aren’t fairly priced for your geographical market. 

Sugar for Thought

Sugaring can be very draining because in many ways you are taking care of someone else. Since your Sugar Daddy is giving you an allowance, he may not feel the need to take care of you emotionally. Or perhaps, you don’t prefer it because you want to keep it all business. Either way, self care is essential. Set boundaries with your Sugar Daddy and make they are clear so that you are on the same page as far as time commitments go. You are not his girlfriend or wife and do not need be in contact every day. Have a confidante who really understandswhat you do and why you do it. Talking through challenges or situations with someone who “get’s it” is really important.

Take down time to relax. Physically recharge your batteries and by allowing yourself time to take care of your mind a spirit. Then there is your heart and emotional well being. If you are romantically involved with someone, then it is likely you are taken care of and soothed or even re-charged by your partner. If not, find other ways to self care for your heart. A great avenue for this is a structured financial plan, and end date in mind (unless you plan to Sugar forever) and outlined goals for what you want for your future self. Be sweet and love yourself Sugar Babe.