Talking Funds with Sugar Daddies

By Nik

Aug 27, 2016

We all come to Sugaring for different reasons; some love to be pampered, others need help with student loans, some just want to be taken care of. As with snowflakes, no two Sugar Babies are alike. For myself, I have always been the type who arranges to be gifted funds. Shiny things are nice as are trips, but I’m a Baby of simple tastes who works hard on her career and I tend to streamline everything towards my goals and vision for the future.

For me, that just means I need financial support the way a sponsor might fund an artist. And more than I need that Celine bag, honey, I need rent! And that means talking funds with Sugar Daddies. Although someday yes, my goal is to only require beauteous consumer products and nothing more. So if you’re like me, finding yourself in the position where you are negotiating FUNds versus just FUN (as in gifts, trips, hair nails etc done, you know), read on because I have tried and true experience on successful arrangement etiquette when it comes to talking the money kind of funds!

Who’s Your Daddy?

But seriously, who is he? Get to know him, the first date is like an interview and you’ve most likely discussed needs prior to the date or he’s viewed your profile. This is your time to show him who you are and just as well your time to see if you have a connection. Don’t jump into conversation about what you require, how much time you can spend with him, your previous experience as a SB unless he specifically asks you.

I have always found it essential to let the SD basically guide the conversations surrounding expectations, prior experience, and the like, in order for an arrangement to really work. Because in order for this to really work, the chemistry, attraction, some sort of likeness, has to be there or else you are most likely looking at a short lived fling and that just means you’re on another round of first round dates. Your time is valuable as is his, use it wisely and get to know him. Be honest with yourself as to whether you can see it working. If you can see it working…

Woo Your Daddy!

This may come as second nature to you as it does to me but when I like a SD, I text always him thank you, with maybe a fun, flirty (tasteful) pic after the first meet. Men are visual and no doubt your potential Daddy is considering a SB relationship because he has a love for women and their companionship! If he responds and wants more, we naturally set up a second date, if he doesn’t respond, I wait till he does. Knowing he has a busy life and that if we’re to make this work, it means meeting halfway.

Whether it’s a week or a month till our second date, if I like him I will always say yes. I think everything that applies in the traditional dating world absolutely applies to the Sugar World. What’s more exciting about Sugaring is you both are looking for something more straightforward, which creates a space to be more honest and communicative about how you feel. That’s why I always make sure the chemistry is there because it makes for a fun, sexy dynamic that’s conducive to the kind of arrangement most SD’s dream about and most SB’s hope for.

If the chemistry isn’t there, I always politely thank the SD and wait for him to contact me for a second date as I don’t need to reject a fellow if he doesn’t even ask for a second date! Half the time, the ones who I have no chemistry with feel it and don’t ask for a second date while the other half just say thanks and take care! I’ve even become friends with some SDs if there was no chemistry with but we got along.

Be Honest with Daddy

If you’ve yet to discuss specifics about your arrangement before the second date, that’s ok. The second date is a perfect time do so! If your SD doesn’t bring it up by the time you two have had dinner or maybe a couple drinks, I have always found that engaging a SD with a question rather than stipulating my rules, needs, etc., is much more effectual and considerate.  

For example, I’ll ask, “so how do you see this working?” or “if you’d like to continue this, how can we make this work? I’d love to hear your thoughts.” This is opening up the conversation that must be had but in a way that still allows the chemistry to flow and invites the SD to propose what works for him first. The SB and SD wouldn’t be there were it not for an arrangement which means it’s ok to talk about it before you go further.
“But Nik” you might say, “What if the Sugar Daddy does not want to talk arrangement at all but asks to take things further?” More on that in my part 2 post, following this!