What Type of Sugar Baby Are You?

By Tiff

May 07, 2017

It may be a strange question, but it’s also crucial to your success as a Baby. Why? Well it’s simple: you need to know what your wants and needs are, what your motivations are for entering the Sugar Bowl, etc. in order to find the ideal Sugar Daddy and to be able to negotiate the perfect deal for you. After all, how do you expect to get what you want if you don’t know what that is? If you’re a newbie, take a few moments to look through the various types of Sugar Babies and arrangements to better answer the question: What type of Sugar Baby are you?

“Spoil Me” Baby

These are the Babies that have most of their own expenses taken care of and are just looking for all the benefits a wealthy, exclusive life has to offer. This type of Sugar Baby doesn’t need a regular allowance but she may take a pair (or three) of Louboutins, a luxury cruise to amazing places and regular spa days. She needs the sort of Sugar Daddy who is willing to spoil her with expensive restaurant dates and clubbing at exclusive parties around town!

Are You This Type?

The good thing about being this type of Sugar Baby is that Gift Daddies are the easiest Daddies to find! (Yay, you!). Many Sugar Daddies are more than happy to gift a Sugar Baby with what she desires whereas an Allowance Daddy is usually harder to come by. So, if you’re this type of Baby, you’re very lucky!

“Cash is King” Baby

For you it’s all about the hard cash. This type of Sugar Baby has no illusions or fuzzy feelings about finally finding the man of her dreams or even having an amazingly good time in the Sugar world. Her only goal is to get the cash.

Are You This Type?

You definitely don’t want to waste your time on “Gift Daddies” – unless they pay for majorly big items in cash (which you may want to return later for actual cash). You’ll want to look for Allowance Daddies who won’t tie up too much of your time.

“Mentor Me” Baby

While this Sugar Baby likes the cash and the gifts, those aren’t the main things she’s after. This Baby has a vision for her life and career and is looking for more than financial support to get where she wants to go. She may want the money and gifts, but financial support is simply not enough for this Baby (depending on her goals). She’s after accomplished Sugar Daddies that have the skills, experience and connections to further her life in a meaningful way.

Are You This Type?

It doesn’t matter whether he is a Gift or Allowance Daddy, you’d rather have what he has in his brain. Naturally, you’ll want to start connecting with the most accomplished Daddies in every arena.

“Marry Me” Baby

This type of Sugar Baby wants all of the above (clever!). She is not looking for just an NSA relationship; she wants the ring or a long term commitment. It may take longer but this method ensures a much larger payout in the end.

Are You This Type?

You’re looking for a long-term commitment so you’ll have the most stringent selection process. You want an emotional connection that will lead to a long and fulfilling relationship with your Sugar Daddy (you don’t want to negotiate the best type of arrangement). Perhaps you need to focus less on the money and gifts when you first go looking and seek an actual relationship.

Now that you have a better idea of what type of Sugar Baby you are and the type of Sugar Daddy and arrangement you are looking for, make sure that you write your profile with these things in mind. Keep your focus on what your true wants and needs are and you will find the Sugar Daddy and arrangement custom-made for you!