Use Sugaring To Invest In Yourself

By Egan

Apr 19, 2016

Life in the Sugar Bowl affords Babies the unique opportunity to transform themselves into more well-rounded ladies. By giving back to your community, taking care of your body and expanding your horizons by trying new activities, you’re wisely using your Sugar funds to invest in yourself. Here are a few ways you can use your SB perks to invest in yourself.

Take Care of Your Body

Use a bit of your Sugar to take care of your mind and body. Take a few hours each week to do something that helps you mentally reset so that you can stay sharp, energized and most importantly, to prevent any burnout.  You can invest in a mani/pedi, a massage, a blowout, or even take a yoga class. Having quality ‘you time’ is important: you can’t put your best foot forward if you are physically or mentally exhausted.

If you don’t already have one, get a gym membership. Not only will it keep you looking amazing but working out will boost your confidence, enhance your mood and help de-stress.

Find A Hobby Or Volunteer

Being a Sugar Baby means you may not have to work and in turn, allows you to use your free time finding hobbies. If it’s something you’ve dabbled in but want to perfect, then it’ll raise your confidence and you’ll have a new skill.  Some fun examples:  take a fun fitness class like pole dancing, acrobatics, kickboxing, or pick up a new skill like Thai cooking, pottery/stained glass making, or further your education by learning a foreign language.

Volunteering is always a good option.. What better way to appreciate your lifestyle than by helping people who aren’t afforded the same opportunities. Take a couple hours to volunteer at a food pantry or an animal shelter. If you don’t have the time to volunteer, give back by donating clothes or contributing to a local food drive.

Be Less Judgmental

We are a society that likes to label and judge people: it’s something we do subconsciously. However, if we can try breaking ourselves of this habit, it will ultimately make you and the people around you happier and more fulfilled. Maybe you see someone who you think is too thin or too large, or they are making a decision you don’t agree with and you naturally start to judge them. Take a moment to step back and realize that you have no idea what has happened in their life: emotionally, physically or financially.  

This is one that is most important to me personally. It’s extremely difficult to do; it’s easy to accept someone close to you because you know their motivations and their personal story.  It’s much harder to extend that same courtesy towards others, but when you are able to accept people it’ll bring nothing but positivity to your own life.


Being in the Sugar Bowl opens many doors and allows Babies endless opportunities to better themselves and everyone around them. Be sure to invest in yourself and your relationships by doing things that make you happy and keep you healthy; it’s a wonderful ripple effect of positive vibes.

Hopefully you are able to use your time in the Sugar Bowl to make your world a little bit sweeter.