Ways to Save Money

By Colette

May 04, 2016

Last year, I went from being a pampered Sugar Baby to nearly broke when my Daddy suddenly decided to leave. I had to quickly find another Daddy while cutting down on expenses to minimize the blow to my bank account. Learning how to live on a budget over the past year has given me tremendous confidence when it comes to Sugaring because I know that I can survive whatever obstacles comes my way. Here are three of the most useful ways to save money.

Sell the Gifts

After he left, I took a long, hard look at my closet and then did some research on consigning.  Luckily, he was amazingly generous and had given me designer handbags, shoes, and multiple Hermès scarves. Through The RealReal, some of his wonderful gifts found new homes in return for much-needed cash. If you decide to consign, keep in mind that you probably won’t be paid immediately for sending in your gifts. Your items need to sell first, and then you’ll get paid.  It’s also worth noting that you should never, ever tell a POT or future Daddy that you’ve consigned gifts from past Daddies, especially if you’re hoping to receive gifts from him!   

Much to my surprise, I also discovered how therapeutic it was to cleanse my environment of things that reminded me of him.  Getting rid of the things that held sentimental value turned out to be a small but important first step in moving on.

Kick the Sephora Habit

Sephora was to me what Target is to most people: I would go in for one little lipstick, and somehow leave the store with $200 worth of palettes, face creams, lip glosses and the one little lipstick I originally wanted to buy. So when the Sugar ran dry, I knew I needed to put an end to this expensive habit. Instead of shopping at Sephora, I studied beauty bloggers and sought out drugstore dupes for my favorite products when they eventually ran out.  

I was amazed at the treasures I stumbled upon. I discovered a new favorite mascara in the L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. I became a big fan of NYX glosses and matte lip creams. I also learned that Huggies baby wipes can be a cheap stand-in for expensive makeup remover wipes. There’s a great, big world of cosmetics outside Sephora. Embrace it!

Start Cooking

Before the breakup, I used to have food delivered or go out to eat when I wasn’t with Daddy. When he left, I noticed all the bills piling up and I knew this was another expensive habit I had to kick. Like the Sephora addiction, I traded in the Seamless app for the Food Network app and haven’t looked back.  Let’s be honest: a hot, home-cooked meal is so much better than soggy, lukewarm delivered pizza!

Good luck and happy sugaring!