What if he doesn’t offer enough?

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

When you’re trying to find a Sugar Daddy, the messages from Salt and Splenda Daddies can be overwhelming. What if you like him, but he doesn’t offer enough? Sorting the salt from Sugar can be tedious, but there are a few tricks you can use to find out if he’s someone you can have a real arrangement with.

If he wants you to have dinner or coffee with him and is offering a lower amount, this is usually a test to see if you are worth more. Agree to go on the date. You want to get to know him and figure out if he’s someone you can see yourself spending more time with.

Once mutual attraction and chemistry are established, wait until a couple days after the date and bring up needing help with bills or tuition to see if he bites. If you get to the date and you’re not into him, be sweet and personable regardless. Even though a second date might not be in your future, you should still go on the first date to find that out.

Another example is someone who offers a low monthly allowance amount. Again, this varies based on the situation. Go on the date, and find out if there is chemistry. If he does, you’ll be able to go on a few more dates and negotiate a higher allowance. He might not have the funds to give you what you’re looking for. Even if he’s sweet, he’s Splenda. Don’t waste your time if you feel he’ll never give you what you want, but do give the guy a chance to win you over.

What are your tips for negotiating?