From “Yes, Daddy” to “Yes, Sir”

By KristinaAfrica

Sep 13, 2017

It is one thing to have a Sugar Daddy who invests in your business. It is a completely different scenario to end up working for him. I had been unemployed for three months after finishing my contract at my previous work place. I was unsuccessful in getting new employment. Luckily my Sugar Daddy had been sending me my usual monthly allowance plus a bit more to help ease my situation.

The Big Pitch

Then one day as we were having dinner at his favourite restaurant, Edwin asked if I wanted to become his Personal Assistant. “My PA gave me notice last week. She explained that she would like to go back to university for a Master’s degree. So, the position is currently vacant,” he said with a sly smile on his face.

“Are you seriously offering me a job?” I asked as I almost spilled my glass of wine. He nodded and added that I would still need to get interviewed by the Human Resources Manager. But he reassured me that a strong recommendation from the ‘Boss’ would get me in.

As a Sugar Baby I usually try to keep my work and personal life separate but this seemed like a good opportunity to advance my career. Plus I have bills to pay. I agreed to Peter’s offer and he scheduled an official interview with the human resources.

The Interview

A few days later I walked into my Sugar Daddy’s company for the first time. It was so surreal seeing where he spends most of his time. I wondered if any of his employees could guess that I was involved with him.

 “You must be Kristina,” said the company secretary. “Yes, I am a bit early for my interview, ” I answered nervously. She smiled and urged me to relax, as she made a call to human resources. A few moments later, a diminutive lady in six-inch heels came up to me and asked me to follow her. 

Most of the interview went well except when she asked how I found out about the position. I ended up mummering something about googling about it.  “Hmmm…. okay, that is about it. Thank you for coming in today, “she stated as she scribbled down my answer, with a cynical look on her face.

Later that day, my Sugar Daddy called to find out how it went. And I truthfully told him that the interviewer didn’t buy my cover story about how I got to be interviewed. “Don’t worry babe. I am the boss after all. Plus, you are more than qualified for the position,” he reassured me.

Foot in the Door

A week later, I met Peter for our usual dinners and after our meal, he pulled out an envelope and passed it to me. After opening, I found a contract letter of 6 months with his company. “I got the job!” I screamed and got up to give him a heartfelt hug. 

“Of course, you did. Oh, and you start on Monday,” he calmly added, with a wink. I was ecstatic and nervous at the same time. It hit me that we were not only going to work together, but that we would have to pretend that we had never met before, let alone having an arrangement.


Back in the Workforce

The first month at Peter’s organization was the hardest. I had to quickly learn to separate my attachment to him as his Sugar Baby and being his professional personal assistant. It was especially tough experiencing his tough, no-nonsense side when it came to work. At the same time, it made me respect him more. It helped to know that he had a passion for what he did and expected excellence out of his employees. 

With time, I got the hang of it and could perform well in the work place. I could also maintain my position as Peter’s Sugar Baby. It was a win-win for the both of us. And it was also exciting to lead a secret life that my colleagues knew nothing about. Would you agree to work with or for your Sugar Daddy if he ever offered?