420 and the Sugar Bowl

By SouthShoreBlonde

Nov 12, 2016

With the legalization of marijuana hanging in the national valance, it’s time to talk about how cannabis fits into the Sugar lifestyle. Have you discussed smoking a little herb with your significant Sugar? It’s important to be honest about what you enjoy and want to avoid when combining 420 and the Sugar Bowl.

Then & Now

Before 1937, marijuana, also known as cannabis, was commonly and legally used by United States physicians to treat a range of disorders and ailments. Today, legalization unfolds at each state’s pace with regulations varying greatly depending on where you live.

You can see which states are “green” on this map. The issue of marijuana legalization may very well have been on the ballot just a few days ago as it was in many states.

A Natural Aphrodisiac

It’s no secret that marijuana has the effect of a natural aphrodisiac for some people. For many, 420 helps with relaxation, pain relief and inflammation. Sugar Daddies usually lead a busy and stressed life and like to unwind with a puff.

If you have a 420-friendly Sugar Daddy, learn new ways to connect with Daddy with the world of weed! Some Sugar Baby friends that indulge in marijuana say they’ve experienced heightened creativity, attention to detail and response to physical contact with their Sugar Daddies. With senses heightened, sensualism and intimacy are that much more intense and memorable!

Smoke Show

Of course this is not true for all SDs, but I have come across more than one Sugar Daddy that has a thing for a smoking Sugar Baby. They tell me there is just something about a beautiful Sugar Baby indulging, relaxing and enjoying herself and her surroundings fully. Imagine that? Mindfulness being sexy! Sugar Daddies say the darnedest things.

Marijuana in the New Millennium

Cannabis has been around for a long time, but only recently has science been involved. Smart minds came together to create products infused with cannabis that range in use from personal lubricant (YAS), concentrates, and edibles.

There are even marijuana wines, cocktails and beer available in the states where marijuana is recreationally legal. There are so many options for those that enjoy cannabis. Sugar Babies: time to do a lil research if you know your Sugar Daddy enjoys kind buds! Feel free to contact me for more resources if you’d like to learn more about my experiences with 420 and the Sugar Bowl.

Safety & Moderation

  • It’s definitely worth mentioning that everything should be kept out of reach of children, pets and the unsuspecting.
  • When eating marijuana infused products (sometimes called a MIP in the cannabis industry) it can take your body around two to two and a half hours to feel the effects. Be sure to wait two and half hours before ingesting any more.
  • If ever paranoia creeps in, there are things you can do to help shorten the effects. It is believed that citrus fruit will help or a glass of orange juice or grapefruit juice will lessen the intensity of the high. Citicoline supplements are available to cut the effects of paranoia if need be.
  • Be aware of how other foods interact cannabis. For example, eating mango before smoking has been known to expedite and extend the duration and intensity of the weed.

What’s Your Take?

What’s your experience with marijuana in the world of Sugaring been like? Do you 420 with your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby? Let us know! We want to hear your experiences as well.