A Taste Of The Sugar Baby Summit

By Kaye

Jun 03, 2016

Designer digs, private jets, wads of cash, and old dudes all have one thing in common: the Sugar Baby lifestyle. In today’s trend-chasing, materialistic world, many women (and some men) seek out a Sugar Daddy to fulfill their deepest and most expensive desires.

So how does one become a spoiled Sugar Baby? The answer was provided this summer, convention style, at the second annual Sugar Baby Summit.

Among their Sugar Sisters, novice and expert Sugar Babies of all shapes and sizes crowded into the Avalon Hollywood to learn the secrets of successful arrangements. The Summit featured progressive courses, starting with building your profile and the tantric art of messaging on a dating site.

The day continued with a course on first dates and safety, taught by buzz-worthy Sugar Baby, Candice Kashani. She recently graduated from law school which was paid for in full by her Sugar Daddies.

Sugar Baby Summit also featured everything a Sugar Baby needs to know about getting an allowance from her Sugar Daddy. That means money for rent, tuition, and life. Seems too good to be true? Maybe it is. There are eight Sugar Babies to every Sugar Daddy, meaning there is just not enough Sugar to go around.

And that’s exactly what the Summit is about – getting ahead of competing Sugar Babies with advice, site hacks, and sweet tips brought by lifestyle experts. It’s a huge advantage to have knowledge on your side in the Sugar Bowl, and that’s exactly what these men and women received.